Chamberlain FNP March 2018

  1. Anyone here getting ready to start with Chamberlain on Feb 26th? I am getting geared up to begin :-) Just wanted to connect with others who will be in the Chamberlain FNP program!!!
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  3. by   crochetmamaRN
    Hello! I am gearing up to start on Feb 26 2018. I am really excited but nervous too. I did my BSN traditionally and have really never done online classes in the past so this will be an adventure.
  4. by   infinity_rn_
    hi Im as well! lets connect!
  5. by   anne_marie_oregon
    Hi Infinity and Crochet mama :-) I am happy to meet you and join you on this journey!!! Best wishes to both of you!!! :-)
  6. by   infinity_rn_
    HI Anne Marie- I cannot private message you back as I do not have enough posts on the forum! but lets please connect
  7. by   Kleopatra
    hi, am in the FNP program, but sat a semester off because no preceptor for the practicum. This is horrible after all efforts and money payed to that college. Not happy with them ):
  8. by   anne_marie_oregon
    Hi Kleopatra!!! Have you been able to find a preceptor for the next rotation? I have heard this is one of the most difficult parts of the program. My strategy with this is to join the California Association of Nurse Practitioners. I am really hoping that by being a part of an organization such as CANP, I will be able to find the resources I need to get my practicum hours.

    How many clinical hours are required for the Chamberlain FNP program? Do they all need to be in a family practice setting? Are there specific requirements related to pediatric/women's health/adult-gerontology practicum hours?

    Thank you and best wishes to you Kleopatra!!! Let us know how it goes for you and if we can help in any way!!!

    - Anne Marie
  9. by   TRN2017
    I'll be starting this Feb 26th as well. I'm really nervous. Would love to join you guys.
  10. by   infinity_rn_
    if you are on facebook-join this group! CHAMBERLAIN UNIVERSITY FNP STARTING MARCH 2018
  11. by   KendallBrooke
    I just happened to stumble upon this post and I can't believe my eyes. I am also starting Chamberlain FNP on 2-26. I'm up at midnight looking through the syllabus for our first class now. Nice to meet all of you!!
  12. by   ogerpus
    I graduate this week. You guys have nothing to worry about. Expect changes, but nothing you can't handle.
    Chamberlain is expensive and a pain, but so are all NP schools. Just jump through the hoops. It goes fast!
  13. by   KendallBrooke
    Thanks! I'm nervous.....
  14. by   gaustinrn
    Hi, I will be starting the NR 500 course for Chamberlains FNP program in July. I was hoping to get feedback on what you all thought about Chamberlain thus far? The recent reviews are quite frightening