Chamberlain College phone interview and hesi exam?

  1. Hi! I'm currently going to be applying to the Sacramento Campus! Anyone have tips for the Hesi Exam and how the phone interview is like? I have already bought the HESI A2 study quite from amazon. Thank you!
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  3. by   Cjandmavsmom
    The phone interview she just asked me why I wanted to be a nurse, why chamberlain stood out to me and what I didn't like about other schools. Then we went over some of my classes I've taken, what I would need, cost etc. I have not taken the Hesi yet. She said the Sacramento campus usually does it in April.
  4. by   Regina_Phalange
    I'm a current student at Chamberlain Sac and I did not have a phone interview. The HESI was pretty simple, just use your HESI A2 book, the pocket prep app, and some crash course youtube videos on anatomy and physiology. Good luck!
  5. by   muyekawa
    Hello! I already applied to the Sacramento campus. I had my phone interview about 2 weeks ago. They asked me about my living situation, health insurance, why chamberlain and then we discussed more about the curriculum plan and what classes I've taken already. Using that info they tell you information about financial aid and what to expect. I also had to send in a written personal statement BEFORE the interview. It seems everyone goes through the process differently?
    I'm now scheduled for two HESI A2 exams for next week (Mar 22nd) and the following week. I was told earlier that I wouldn't expect to take the HESI until April but I got an email today to schedule my exams. So I definitely would check your emails everyday after applying.
  6. by   Cjandmavsmom
    I got the email yesterday to schedule my hesi which I am doing next month because I am out of state but my admissions advisor called and connected me with a campus student service advisor and he talked to me about how I am paying for everything. Then he sent me a PDF with my financial info. He also congratulated me and in an email I had previously gotten from them it said if I was accepted I would be contacted by a campus student service advisor to review my specific academic and financial plan. I was surprised when he congratulated me since I have not even taken my HESI so maybe it was a mistake and they are doing things out of order?
  7. by   muyekawa
    My guess Cjandmavsmom is that you probably have a very high overall GPA which makes you a very good applicant for the program! I have yet to send in all my official transcripts so that could factor in why things may be going differently. I also have a pretty average overall GPA (3.5) which probably means they need to look at other factors to see if I'm a right fit for the program. I.E. the HESI exam.