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  1. Hello everyone!I am new to this site : ). I got accepted into Chamberlain about a month ago for tr Oct.29th start date.. Which I'm super excited about!! I was just wondering if anyone knows how the schedule for the nursing classes work? Is it an all day think like 9-4 like I've heard or is it shorter? Reason I ask is because I have a 2 year old and with classes approaching soon I want to make sure everything is taken care of when it comes to child care and pick up times. Also, anyone else starting in October as well? I've read a lot of good things about Chamberlain. I can't wait to start!
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  3. by   DQRN15
    Congrats! I'm looking into this school. Are you using financial aid? if so, can you tell me how it works. I'm trying to find out if I can afford it with financial aid and student loans. Thank you.
  4. by   sblanco10
    DQRN15- I didn't get any financial aid just the loans. Before you pay the $150 for the drug and background check a student services rep sits with you and goes over an estimate of the cost for your semesters. So depending on your financial aid qualifications they will tell you more or like if you will h e any monthly payments and if so how much you will have to pay...
  5. by   sblanco10
    Thanks for the congrats by the way : ) I'm super excited!
  6. by   jstark310
    Hey! I'm looking into this school as well. What did you need in order to get into the school prerequisites wise? And how much is the tuition there? Like a round about number? Super expensive?
  7. by   sblanco10
    Hey jstark310! The pre-reqs are the usual for nursing. Like algebra, chem, A&P , and some extra ones due to the fact that its a bachelors program. You don't need the pre-reqs before entering the school you can take them there. Only thing is of course it will be a lot more money. I believe all of it is about 80k so it is pretty pricey but you can reduce the cost by taking the pre-reqs elsewhere. From what I read the cost is worth it so we will see. I will let you know once I start the program... : )
  8. by   Dayneris
    Congratss!! I'm starting october 29th on the miramar campus as well and can't wait. I transferred with 53 credits from MDC since I allready have an AA. Im starting with pathophysiology and transitions in nursing as my first two classes. Regarding the schedule you can make it work for you, each class lasts an hour and a half, you can take the classes in the morning or in the afternoon. For example patho is twice a week and transitions in nursing is only once a week, so I will have classes three times a week from let's say 9 to ten thirty since I havent taken the classes yet and dont know the schedule. What classes are you taking for ur first semester? Maybe we meet sometime in a class, who knows...
  9. by   sblanco10
    Dayneris- Congrats to you as well!! Thanks for the response : ) I transferred with 29 credits from Keiser so my first classes include 2 pre-reqs and transitions in nursing. Maybe we will have that together who knows. If they are only an hour and a half that's great! I'm sure it will get a lot more intense along the line. Have you registered yet? I havent heard anything for registration. They said they will contact me 4 weeks before classes begin but haven't heard yet...
  10. by   Nurse2b7337
    Dayneris how many more prereqs do you have left. Since you have yr AA already. The reason I'm asking is because I have mine and I've also taken lots more at a community college. Thx I advance for your reply. congrats on yr acceptance
  11. by   futureRNsoon
    Have any of you guys started yet? how is it? do you like it so far?
  12. by   sblanco10
    Yes I started it is great so far : )
    Not much time to do anything anymore! Lol
  13. by   einnolem
    Quote from sblanco10
    Yes I started it is great so far : )
    Not much time to do anything anymore! Lol
    I am enrolled in chamberlain and have been attending since July very busy classes are not bad but finance gives me the run around
  14. by   Nurse2b7337

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