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Chamberlain College of Nursing~New Thread~

I wanted to begin another thread so it was noticed.

I am interested in finding out who else is gearing up to begin Chamberlain in a couple of weeks. How is it going? Are you getting the info you need to prepare? or are you a bit discouraged by the seemingly disorganized approach to the beginning of this upcoming term? Is the disorganized feeling just new student jitters?

Who has set up a homepage for study notes (as suggested on page 22 of the student survival guide)?

Any past or current students care to share experiences/advice with us newbies?

Anyone in the Indianapolis, Indiana area want to form a study group?


Welcome to CCN! I started the program this past July and I am now at the end of Trimester 1 - woo hoo! So far, it has been great for me. The nervous jitters are normal. It does seem disorganized a lot of the time - but so far everything has ended up working out fine for me. I really like the online format - but just as a word of advice - keep up with the reading!

Anyway, congrats on the acceptance. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me - I'll try to answer the best I can.


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Does anyone know if Chamberlain is accepting students from out of state now for their RN to BSN online program? Anyone out there in or finished the RN to BSN program? How was it? Did you have to take History and Politics? I did not see it as part of their program requirements and it was not required for my ASN. Also, do you know if they are accredited by the NLN and CCNE?

Thanks in advance!!!!;)


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I just found out they are accredited by both the NLN and the CCNE. I know this is late, but I am looking now about going through them.

I was just accepted to Camberlain College, do you have any tips. How are the classes are they writing intense. Are the classes easy to follow. Are there alot of tests, quizes, post, discussion questions. How costly are the bboks. Been out of school for 25yrs. Any info you have would be greatly appriceated.


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