Chamberlain College...For Profit or Not?


I can't remember, is Chamberlain for profit or not? I'm due to start in Oct., but if it is FOR PROFIT, I'm not so sure I want to go. Anyone know?


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Hi Maladroit,

All Chamberlain campuses operate as for-profit schools. I'm also starting in October at the Addison campus and am super-excited. The fact that it's a for-profit school did not necessarily bother me, but I can understand your hesitation. What was super-important to me was that Chamberlain in Addison be accredited. In fact, they're fully accredited by CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). I would have never even considered Chamberlain unless they were were recognized by either CCNE or NLN. Best of luck on your decision!

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Well, stupid me was watching the documentary College, Inc. and I knew DeVry was for-profit and since they owned Chamberlain, I kinda figured. Anyways, I'm just nervous as to whether or not I'm going to get a good education. I know some programs from places like Kaplan absolutely SUCK! I just really want to avoid that. I don't want to spend tens of thousands on something that won't get me anywhere...ya know?


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absolutely! it's not a cheap school, that's for sure. i totally understand your apprehension. have you talked to any current or former students on this forum?

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No, the program in Chicago is so new. I haven't spoken to any students from that particular campus, but I'd like to. The setup looks awesome, but I'm pretty skeptical of it all. I really doubt it'll stop me from actually attending, but we'll see. Thanks.


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Chamberlain is a for-profit school, but the education is awesome! I am a current student there right now and I love it. The classes are smaller compared to larger universities since it is a private school. There is a LOT of reading and studying... It pretty much takes over your life just like any other nursing school. The nursing classes are not an easy A, and it shouldn't be easy since it's nursing school! I studied so much for my NR fundamentals class and ended up with a B in the class because the grade scale is 92 and above for an A. They make us submit practice NCLEX questions before each exam as well.

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I graduated from Chamberlain's RN-BSN program last June and it was an excellent program. Good luck!

Sue, RN