Chamberlain Classes!


I am in the process of applying to chamberlain online. They told me there were 14 classes. But when I look at course descriptions it looks to be a lot more. What am I missing? Any insight would be appreciated. I'd like to know BEFORE I make a commitment. Thank you!


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Obviously you want to call in and find out but I know the school is designed for many people to be able to walk in without their full pre-reqs. My guess would be (without seeing exactly what classes your referring to) that some of those classes are classes that you should have already completed to get your RN. For instance The basic BSN program I am starting in January have 3 years worth of classes listed on their basic class list.. but after you apply and get accepted that list shortens and I actually only have two years of classes to complete since I already took many of them in a different school.


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Thanks! I actually just got accepted today and was told I only need 12 classes! I'm starting till March though.

Congrats! Are you attending their RN to BSN program? If you have another Bachelor's degree look closely at your courses; I believe I convinced the school to accept two additional courses and with this said saved $$$ for extra credits that I did not need. I only needed to take 10 classes (including 5 elective credits b/c of their requirement to complete 32 credits in-house). Also, if you are an American Nurses Association member they offer a discount; however, I think they reduced the discount to 5%. Luckily, I was able to grandfather the 10% discount!! Best of luck! I have 2 more classes to go. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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Thank you so much! I do not have another bachelor degree unfortunately. I will however check into the American Nurses Association. Good to know. Good luck to you too! How has your experience been with Chamberlain?