CGFNS visa screen “ready for review”

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Hi there,

I’m so frustrated to choose CGFNS for my visa screen certificate.
Here are the lists of my Visa Screen application:

1.March 25,2022 —start to apply VS in CGFNS 
and Shows

license validation: waiting for initial documents 

School transcripts: received

Higher tertiary school documents: waiting for initial documents

Exam document: pass English score —waiting for initial document

2. Nov 20th, 2022 —— After long time waiting and contacting with my school leaders, the status from my dashboard : Ready for Review and each item application shows:

License validation & Exam document: meet all program requirements 

School Transcripts: Received

Higher tertiary school documents: Received (changed status in Oct 20th,2022)

( I contacted my school leader three time for (1) initial documents submitted (2) no valid signature (3) again no valid signatures 😭)

I called at least 3 times via Skype ( each time I spent at least half an hour to get through and only talk 2-3 mins, and I got the answer was Just waiting 😡) and wrote many emails through CGFNS Contact Us without response. 

Could anyone tell me how long should I wait, and is there any way I can make my VS application process faster? Fingers crossed!

Any suggest would be great appreciated!
Thanks . 

A frustrated male Foreign Nurse


Nency rami

Nency rami

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Hello Nurses, 

I am a indian and I lived in a india.I plan to go USA by clearing NCLEX RN exam. I decided I will go through the sponser viss .  than I applied CES process for California NCLEX RN exam and I completed the application process and delivered my documents to usa on 28 Nov 2022. But my status still stayed in waiting for required items. When I will receive my CES report?