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hi everyone! my family just recently moved here in maui 2 months ago and i am now interested in pursing my nursing career here in hawaii. I am an RN in davao city, philippines with hospital training experience after i received my RN license but is not credited for employment purposes. through my online research about the steps before taking NCLEX-RN exam i have learned that my credentials needs to be evaluated by the CGFNS so I registered on the CGFNS website but i did not pay yet because i am not sure what documents to send. they said that i needed to send a request form to my former nursing school to get my transcript of records and everything but I already have my original transcript of records here with me. Can i just send copies of my transcript of records to cgfns right away? do i also need to provide records from my primary and secondary school? Anyone here who have done this before? pls i need your advice what to do. thank you!

Hello there! :D I'm a filipina nurse too, from mindanao as well ;) I'm currently on the process of my CES from CGFNS.

About your question number 1, no you can't do that, your school alone can send this to CGFNS, they will send your transcripts together with the "Request for Validation of Credentials" form.

Question number 2, I'm not sure about secondary transcripts, but according to their first email after I paid the fee, they need my secondary/ highschool diploma, which I can send it to them later.

Hello there! done cgfns. Contact your school to send all your credential to CGFNS (transcript of records, college diploma) (call CGFNS to be sure with all the rquirements) and it should be authenticated and sealed by your school. And they also need your HS diploma which you can send by your self to them, it might take 2-3 mos once they recieved all your requirements and your status with them will be "report issued". Means your board of nursing will be able to view your CES report. but first you have to pay, for them to start your application process.

ok. so does this mean that i can PAY cgfns after i sent the requests to my former schools?

thanks for your reply! are you in the philippines while processing your cgfns?

when i send the request to price davao and to my college where i graduated my nursing degree, are they gonna be the one to send it directly to cgfns? do i need to pay for them to mail it back to the cgfns?

what i did:

I applied CGFNS CES professional Report, Payed $350

(expedite process is available but pay extra charge)

Complete the application form on their website, which include all

your information and your BON state where you want to be an RN.

They will encourage you to register for an account on their website

so u can check the status of your application.

They will email you the paper works you will need to complete all the

requirements they are asking.

You can call them 24h, they are available to answer your questions.

I applied for 3 states for NCLEX, so i needed 3 CES report which i a payed

extra $100 each

I am in US when i applied for CGFNS.

email me: lailao1012@gmail.com

Yes, they will need to send it directly to CGFNS. About the mail service fee, you can ask your university about that, on my part, I sent my mom to pay the necessary fees that my university needs for them to process and send my documents. In PRC region 9, we need to pay a certain amount for the mail service and for the process as well.

Hey! I'm an RN from davao city. San Pedro College batch 2010, currently in Australia.

I am processing my CGFNS VISA SCREEN CERTIFICATE in the hope of finding a sponsor for an H1B visa.

What you need is the CES verification to process your NCLEX-RN application. I have done this and I've already passed my NCLEX-RN.


1. Register on the CGFNS website and choose the service (CES) you need.

2. Pay the fee required on the application by credit card preferably.

3. Print the files from the website - Photo ID, License Verification Form (for PRC), Transcript Verification (for your school)

4. Upload a photo on the website, they will tell you the guidelines. (If you still have a copy of that photo we need for PRC license - with your name on the bottom of the picture - that will do.)

5. Send these files visa fax or air mail to PRC and your school and pay the fees for them to process it for you. These authorities will be the ones to send files to CGFNS. You can check if CGFNS has received the files from them through the website.

6. Constantly monitor CGFNS to check if they already have it if the school / PRC confirms that they already sent the documents.

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Speak then. :)

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hi forevertravellin'! i am in hawaii right now. yesterday i paid the $350 to CGFNS and what i did this morning was to send via regular airmail the 1) request for validation of license form to PRC DAVAO with my prc i.d and the 2) request for academic/transcript form to DAVAO DOCTORS COLLEGE with a copy of my PRC i.d. did i do the correct step?

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Wouldn't mailing the form take long? Another option would be to email the filled up forms to someone you know in Davao and have them print those forms and personally submit it to your school and to PRC as well.. In this way you are assured that your documents are received and will be processed. I think there are corresponding fees for those. I believe license verification is P40.. :)

how did u know its P40? are you a graduate of davao doctors college too?

I meant the PRC license verification.. I just rechecked their website its P75.. The steps are also there.. :) Nope I'm from the Visayas.. :)

we are planning to take vacation to philippines this december or january next year. is it okay to take nclex exam there?

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You will find it cheaper to sit NCLEX in the US than sitting it outside the US

You will pay $150 for an international testing center... If you take it in the US you do not pay anything... í ½í¸„

Can i pass the NCLEX-RN exam if I just self review or do I really need to enroll to a review center and sit on a lecture?

When do I start filling up my application form for nclex and when do I send it to the hawaii bon? Do I need to finish my transactions with the cgfns first?