CGFNS Connect Account - "Last Name Not Valid"



I am in the process of beginning my application for VisaScreen.

I was about to create an account with CGFNS Connect (webpage title is "Create New CGFNS Connect User") and had filled out the details, but when I clicked the "Create User", the following information came up:

[COLOR=red]Error! The following error(s) must be corrected before proceeding:

  • Last Name contains special characters or numbers that are not valid.

My Last Name is " De Guia " (there is a space between "De" and "Guia" , as what appears in all my public and professional records.)

I entered "De Guia" in the provision for the Last Name when I was trying to create a CGFNS Connect account, which resulted in the above error message.

Why the error message? Should I have entered one word instead (that is, "DeGuia", not "De Guia"), and if I do so, I am afraid that will create problems in my VisaScreen application down the line, due to inconsistency with how my last name is written in all my records/documents.

I know this seems trivial, but I could not proceed with my application without creating the User Account. Would appreciate help from anyone. :-)

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Did you try contacting CGFNS as they would be best suited for answers regarding system limitations and workarounds?


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hi! i have the same problem (my last name is "de asis") and i was wondering if you've found a solution :)

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Enter as one word. It won't make a problem with VSC because that is based on the documents you send in, not on your online registration.