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This is for my California nurses... I was wondering how many CEUs are we supposed to have after the first year. I can't find the paperwork that says I need 35 after the first year. I got my license in August 2008, and my license expires in Febuary 2010. I didn't start working till January 2009, so I only got about 15 from some basic arrythmia class that I took. Should I start worrying about it now? And is there any place online that I can look to see more information about this? I just don't want to be scrambling and looking for a class right before the due date. Thanks in advance.


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CEs aren't required for new licenses for the 1st renewal.


(copied & pasted from above website)

Continuing Education

All RNs in the State of California who wish to maintain an active license are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education for license renewal. The continuing education course(s) must be taken through a Board approved Continuing Education Provider. Please refer to Continuing Education for License Renewal for additional information.

NOTE: During the first two years immediately following initial licensure in California or other jurisdictions, licensees shall be exempt from completion of the continuing education requirements specified in Title 16, California Code of Regulations Section 1451.

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check with your state bon and employer. my state does not require ceus but my employer requires at least 8 per year if you wish to advance. i have completed 9 so far because i wish to move into trauma nursing in the next two years. as a new grad of almost six months, i can safely say that ceus are not hard to come by or hard to do.:up:


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CA does not require CEUs on the first renewal. It will state that on your renewal form when you get it. I had more than enough accrued on my first renewal and listed them anyway even though I didn't need to. I wanted to make sure I was covered!


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Thanks for the replies. I guess I was worried over nothing. But since I have those 15 Ceu's at the moment, can those be used after my first renewal, or will I have to start over from scratch?


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No, you will not be able to use those 15 on your second renewal. The CEUs for your second renewal have to be earned during the two year period between your first renewal and the date of your second renewal. Each two years you have to earn a new set of CEUs.

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