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In the past I had a provider approved (KSBN) program for RN/LPN's. I had several short programs on Alternative Modalities and a 100 hour Therapeutic Massage for Nurses progam. In Kansas CEU's are required for relicensure.

I am residing in Scottsdale Arizona and am going to start the classes again.

I have two questions that I would love some feedback on........

1) Do you think Nurses that are not required to have CEU's (Arizona does not require CEU's for relicensure) would be interested in affordable education?

2) Any ideas how to market to Nurses in this area?? (Kansas had a wonderful weekly newspaper that went out to all nurses in the state, that I advertised in. I have yet to find one here in AZ)

I would appreciate any feedback and ideas that might help me!!

Thanks all.


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Arizona does not require CEU's for renewal of nursing licenses (which I think is dumb) but I know many nurses here, myself included do take ceu courses and even those that don't offer CEU's. so I think the market is there for you.

As for advertising, I would see if you could get a mailing list from the state board and send to the nurses on there. There must be a list somewhere because I often get postcards/fliers in the mail about ceu's and job fairs from facilities in the area.

Hope that helps some!


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Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to worry I was really off base here!!

I have contacted the AZ Board and they indeed have a mailing list one can purchase. Also thanks for the feedback on the level of interest of nurses taking courses. That helps!

I was always very busy back in Kansas where I come from, teaching and having full courses. I know that nurses are very busy and not having to have CEU's might inihibit some interest in these courses. But I will continue to go forward and plan my offerrings!!

Thanks again


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TouchRN, you are welcome and good luck with your endeavors!

suzanne4, RN

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:) :)

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