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  1. All,
    I was lamenting to my father about the books for anatomy in my school. I always thought it would be more in-depth, like Grey's Anatomy. I was dissapointed that I was not going to go into a field that took the study of anatomy as seriously as I did. The two A&P classes were finished a year ago but I find holes in my knowledge base constantly.

    It was just part of a conversation, not a request, or the serotonin in the turkey talking.

    He said I should have the book for christmas I just thought "Hey dad I'm forty, cut the cord already" but I know the last one I saw costs $200! I said well alllllrighty then.

    Now I just want to do my part to keep costs down.

    I,m looking for Grey's Anatomy:The Anatomical Basis of Medicine and Surgery 38th ed, (1995) Hardback

    Or if anyone one has a suggestion for a more complete compilation of a real anatomy text(this one's 2092 pages) speak up will you. There was no cd-Rom with it, but it looks like a great reference. I'm just so tired of looking in Marieb only to discover that the structure I'm looking for isn't labled.

    I think it's also important to hear which text or programs you used for you gross anatomy classes, although I understand this could have to do with who the school had a deal with too.

    List your favorites if you wouldn't mind.

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  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Oke dokee,

    How about listing the books that were required by your gross anatomy class?

    Maybe the word "favorite" was misleading. I just think of anatomy texts that way because it was my favorite of all the prerequisits.
  4. by   nilepoc
    You don't wait long enough for the responses.

    the book I wish I had bought, but since the final is wednsday, I won't buy it now, was Netter atlas to anatomy.

    the clinical book I like is Clinical aspects of anatomy by Moore.

    The book to learn it all and keep it succinct, is Chung, USMLE anatomy review. Although it is highly lacking in neuro anatomy.

    Otherwise, have fun looking. there are some great books out there in the 200$ range, I just don't know any of the titles.
  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Thanks for responding to my post.

    I have no idea why you were the only one to respond since a subject such as anatomy should be an important issue here.

    I made my second post at about thirty views, so I thought they just didn't understand what I was getting at.

    It's more likely that they just don't enjoy anatomy as I do, or they don't care what's in thier anatomy text. I don't think that my second post was premature at all. It just lets me get a broader view of what SRNAs and CRNAs really think.

    So anyway, what text did you go through the program with that you didn't like as much as Nutter? What is it about Nutter that you do like? I've seen many positive comments about Nutter, but some negative ones also. One anatomy proff said that it had too many mislabled structures. I went into this dead set on Gray's, but this is the reason that I post to this board. It gives me a broader perspective. That's different from the one I went through my little program with in that there were many non-labled structures so they couldn't have made many errors:chuckle

    I just thought Gray's Anatomy was the gold standard, but If I can get one better I'm all for it.

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  6. by   2banurse
    Although I won't be starting A&P until this spring, I received a Gray's Anatomy (unabridged volume) from my mom years ago when I initially decided to go into the health field, I still use it when I am trying to get a better feel for a particular area. The price on the jacket was $21.50 but it is probably 10 years old.

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