Years of Experience

  1. just curious to see how many years of nursing experience you all had before entering crna programs and in which types of icu settings.
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  3. by   sharona97
    Not a CRNA, but had OTJ training and worked as a CMA in a Cath Lab, scrubbing cases, was also a student for LPN at the time.
  4. by   xkred27
    By the time I start in May 2008 I will have about 7.5 years of experience. I have not worked in the ICU, but have experience in around 15 ERs of varying levels as a Traveler.

    Prior to nursing school I had worked in the OR as an assiatant to the RN for about 3 years. My interviewer appreciated this since she had done some work (as an RN) in the OR/PACU and ER prior to gaining her ICU experience for anesthesia school.

  5. by   UCDSICURN
    1 year community hospital ICU...combined ccu/micu/sicu
    2.5 years university hospital, level 1 trauma, trauma & vascular sicu
    1.5 years cardiac surgery icu...busy program...non-teaching...lot's of autonomy...and enough rope to hang yourself if you weren't careful...but awesome experience overall
  6. by   GPSRNA
    Start CRNA school Jan 2008 in Ft Myers, Fl. Had 10 years ICU exp. Accepted to 2 programs chose FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast Univ). Can't wait....(I think)!!
  7. by   esla
    Did you graduate already?? please tell us about the program!!