What is everyone studying for boards?

  1. Hello all, I am graduating in a month and have been hitting the "Sweat Book" and Memory Master hard and heavy. What else is everyone reading to prepare for the boards? I want to make sure that I will be as ready as possible when I take the "Big Test" in a few months. Thanks
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  3. by   louloubell1
    Sweat book, M&M, and memory master. I'm graduating in 15 days, so we're in the same boat!

    Good luck to you!

  4. by   cinja
    What is the "sweat book"?
  5. by   DAGR
    The "sweat book" is a comprehensive review for the board exam for NURSE ANESTHESIA.

    I am taking the big quiz in 2 weeks and have been studying SB/MM in addition to Morgan & Mikhail. I have been hearing that there is some very pertinent information coming out that source.
  6. by   gobucksCRNA
    I took my boards in Sept. and my advice to you guys would be to stick with what your already doing and focus heavily on your co-existing disease and anesthesia principles. I would just know the fundamantals of OB, Peds and and legal. (this advice is based soley on the stuff I saw on my test, it varies from test to test) Nag and Zag seems to be a book that the board folks like also.

    Also, go in there expecting the full 165 questions. That way you won't totally panic if you test doesn't quit at 90.

    Good luck to all of you!!
  7. by   movinsouth
    has anyone used Faust in addition to the other texts?
  8. by   heartICU
    Quote from movinsouth
    has anyone used Faust in addition to the other texts?
    I am. I have found it to be a quick and dirty reference on topics...gives a good synopsis of items in one or two pages. The staff anesthesiologists at our institution recommend it to the residents to study for oral boards.
  9. by   sawingzzzz's
    what is faust and where would one be able to research it? I am pretty much studying the same stuff as you all. Also, trying to incorporate my class notes on various subjects. Best wishes to everyone!