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  1. I have thought about becoming a CRNA since I began nursing school 8 years ago. Now that I am getting to the point where I can branch out and get the experience I need, I am wondering what I can do to make myself attractive to a CRNA program. If you have been accepted to a program what were your qualifications beyond the 1 year ICU experience? I have an ADN degree and a BS in Community Health. I know TWU accepts non BSN degrees, but it seems like most people have them anyway. My ADN grades were good - all A's a couple of B's. I will probably take some Chemistry. I have a couple of years to "better" my education/experience and want to make the most of it. Did anybody get in with just one year ICU experience?? What an ADN & BS in another field. I want to hear about your experiences. Thanks for the help!!
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  3. by   TraumaMaster
    I am one of those over-achievers that did anything and everything to make myself stand out from the crowd. I have a BSN, made good grades, retook classes that needed to be current, became an ACLS instructor and then an ACLS Director, TNCC Instructor, PALS certified, ENPC, ATCN, CCRN, etc, etc, etc...Anything I could do that made me stand out- I did it. I worked 4 years in Trauma ICU, not to mention a lot of teaching stuff. Granted, others get by with less, but I wanted to get accepted the first time I applied as soon as my hubby finished his schooling. So, it really depends on how bad you want it and picking the programs that are right for you and fulfilling their requirements!
  4. by   duckboy20
    Like he said make yourself as noticeable as possible. As for TWU you can get in with a non BSN but you must have a bachelors degree and still the required nursing experience. I would most definately get you CCRN to make yourself look attractive. What sets you apart from the rest is what will help you get in. There are thousands of people who apply to CRNA programs across the country every year with only a select few getting in. There had to be something different about that group
  5. by   aRNnAR
    I graduated last May with by BSN & have been accepted to TWU & ASU anesthesia programs...I've worked in the ICU since graduated, but i do not have my CCRN.

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