UNE/St.Joes, Barry Uni, Wolford college. Which school is the best?

  1. I am lucky enough to have been accepted to all three school and I am having a tough time deciding which one. Please give me some advice on the following schools. If anybody that has attended these schools, please respond.
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  3. by   jasy
    goto barry
  4. by   fyrace
    If you don't mind what were your stats. Barry and Wolford are two I am looking to apply for. Thanks.
  5. by   fyrace
    Also, I don't know enough about St Joes, but hear Barry is good. I would also say Barry.
  6. by   mmbmoc
    Barry has a high attrition rate!!! Go to Wolford!
  7. by   serenitynow23
    How do you know what their attrition rate is? Have you spoken to the school directly?
  8. by   crnabrian
    I graduated from Barry's program, attrition was not high back then. But it is really really expensive. You may want to consider that.
  9. by   srna123456
    go to Barry. Trust me
  10. by   serenitynow23
    Are you currently at Wolford or Barry? If your at Wolford why would you say Barry? What semester are you in?
  11. by   mandyarn
    Can you give me any information on Barry's attrition rate? I have recently been dismissed, unfairly of course.