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Would anyone care to divulge the amount of loans they took out to attend school? I am quite overwhelmed at the amount of money I am going to need to get through school. Just want to know I am not in... Read More

  1. by   lmdscd
    Sorry I'm not good at cpu's and forums sorry for double post . I'm a CRNA.
  2. by   MoriahRoseRN
    I was doing a LPN To BSN program and quit due to oweing about 25k when it was all said and done. I went back to a ASN program for the experience and cheaper cost. Now I want to go back and get my BSN, and I checked the same school out and it is going to cost me about 19k for an ASN to BSN. I didn't save very many $, and not very much time either.
    I owe about 10k for the community college and the University combined, and that seems like a mountain of money to pay back to me.
  3. by   Squaw
    Nothing...We have a grant that as long as you make a 3.0 the state pays for your AD and/or most of your BS degree. I do have some credit card debt to get paid off but no where near what you guys are talking about.
  4. by   peacelovestar
    When it's all said and done I'll probably owe around 10,000$ for tuition/living expenses for an ADN degree. When I get my BSN I'll have no problem living at home when my parents offer to pay for rent and tuition if I'm under their house.
  5. by   cozmo_blozmo
    my total loan of $190,000 is mainly because my wife is a stay at home mom and I have zero income. this includes both private and federal loans the cost of my CRNA program is around $30,000 (this does not include the gas and living arrangements I need in the clinical areas) give or take a grand or two. The money is irrelevant with the return I will be getting when I start working this September. Take out as much money as you will think you will need and add another $10,000. I used sallie mae (40,000), Teri for (30,000 x 2 loans) about $50,000 in federal loans and about another 12,500 private loan from somewhere. and another $15,000 private loan from someone else. So probably a little less than $190,000, unless I am forgetting another loan somewhere.
  6. by   Brad_RN_Student_PA
    Quote from Epona
    lmdscd... what type of nursing do you do?? You mentioned you are "on your own in all of your pratice".....

    I am curious.. thanks!
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  7. by   srna44
    I'm halfway through the 27 month program...$40,000