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Would anyone care to divulge the amount of loans they took out to attend school? I am quite overwhelmed at the amount of money I am going to need to get through school. Just want to know I am not in this boat alone. I know my priority is the academics, but the money is consuming my every thought. Thanks for your help!!!!


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87,000 and my wife worked the whole time to help out with bills. I attended Midwestern Univ. ( a private Univ. ) not known for its cheap tuition.


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45,000 (that includes 6,000 from undergrad)


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Should I get in, I'll be looking at about 200k. May be less, could be a little bit more...


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Thanks for the replies. I do feel somewhat better knowing I have folks in similiar situations.


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Dude, how much is your monthly payment????


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what would be the main reasons for such a HUGE difference in loan amount from person to person?

for example, one person said they took out $190,000...and then another person only about $40,000.


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Is this for grad school? Private undergrad? I am curious to know.


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Different schools charge from around $20,000 to over $50,000 plus books, travel to and from clinicals, living, ext . With me it was that plus my rn, bsn, I'll together reached very close to some of the high numbers. Payments well I had to find a job to support repayment and living . To me the end justified the means , love helping people. Also love being on my own in all of my pratice.:wink2:


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lmdscd... what type of nursing do you do?? You mentioned you are "on your own in all of your pratice".....

I am curious.. thanks! :smokin:

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