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I am starting my CRNA program at the end of August...I need to let my NM know my last day...should I take a vacation for a week or two to mentally prepare myself for school? I had planned on working... Read More

  1. by   Kiwi
    I traveled through Germany (Bavaria), Austria, and part of Switzerland performing as a musician back in 1996. I stayed at youth hostels the entire time, and I just can't praise them enough.

    Back then, the total cost for a hostel was about $10! For example, one hostel in particular was part of a convent. Breakfast was included. The nuns had a small farm with chickens - and fresh eggs, bread, fruit preserves, and tea were served that morning. The rooms have double bunk beds, and there were shower stalls down the hall. It's like dorm style, but exceedingly clean. Sometimes after the concert, we'd eat lunch (lunch is the main meal of the day in Germany) at the hostel for an additional small fee. The only difference from a hotel is the concierge, elevators, and different amenities (air conditioning). The elevators were a problem for the orchestra I was part of, as you could imagine (have you ever seen a double bass being carried up a narrow staircase)?

    Other memorable hostels include one that was located in a wing of a medieval Austrian castle! I stayed at a couple hostels while performing in Australia. They were interesting in particular, because there were no top sheets or blankets on the bed (no air conditioning), and it was pretty hot and humid. At least there were swimming pools there, and free "barbies" (BBQ) in the evening.

    Hostelling is really popular in other societies. Hostels simply provide a place to hang your hat for the evening, and they are economical. This morning, I looked at air tickets to Britain - they are going at $400 round trip, not bad.

    I found a couple websites if you are still interested:
  2. by   RLSU4CRNA
    I am taking summer classes to lighten the fall load. My first day of class is the end of this month. I am trying to decide if I should give my 2 weeks notice now, August, or try to make it through December.
  3. by   catcolalex
    i want to catch a braves game before school
  4. by   tcrn
    Since I will be in fort worth for 5 month's and my family will be in Kansas I think I will take 2-3 weeks. I figure a week to organize and clean at home plus, do fun stuff around here. Then a week to settle into the apt and do a few fun things in texas..... and hopefully a week to mostly relax!
  5. by   u-r-sleeepy
    I took a month off before starting school. We went on trips and visited people & places we hadn't seen in a long time. The time off was invigorating and really helped "clear my head" before diving into such a challenging program.

    I would encourage you to take as much time off as you po$$ibly can! You WILL be very, very, very busy once school starts! Well, assuming your program is anything like mine was. ;-)

  6. by   tcrn
    Amen! Go see cousins, grandparents, long lost friends. Visit a few fun places just to see the looks of other people enjoying life! That is what I plan to do... a little of nothing and a lot of something!

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