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Did you all feel that you missed out on valuable time with your family and friends while in school? Was it possible to spend decent time with your family while in school? I have 2 young boys that... Read More

  1. by   FLCRNA2B
    Athlein1, so you are saying 3-4 hours a day is not enough? Approximately how many hours a week do you all study?
  2. by   CougRN
    FLCRNA2B I have 3 friends in classes right now. They tell me they study a couple of hours a day when they have classes that day. On the days they don't have class they study 8-12 hours depending on when a test is coming. Sounds far fetched but it's true. It's not unusual to be studying on your days off for the entire day. It's actually the norm.
  3. by   JSB
    For those of you in school - what do you all do to help focus your studying and use good time management while you are studying, writing care plans, etc.? I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I sometimes find myself spending way too much time "perfecting" a paper (or whatever) when what I already have done would be fine to use as is. Maybe it's just a matter of being efficient because there's simply not enough time in the day to agonize over these things - I don't know.
  4. by   missmercy
    " I am the only person on this board that will be honest and not politically correct. "
    How'd you come to that conclusion? And the rest of us --- do what?!

    Honestly, I attended school, homeschooled 2 kids, worked part time, was active in both church and community activities. Mid way through my MSN, we moved, put the guys into school, worked 2 full time jobs, cut back to a couple of classes at a time, commuted an hour each way to classes 3days a week and stayed active in church and community. I am not going to say that it was easy -- not by any means! But, again HONESTLY, you can survive nearly anything if you know it is temporary! I had to readjust my academic view -- allowed myself to be contented with B's as opposed to pushing myself to get a 4.0, had to be very organized, had to refine my study skills and my communication skills, had to take advantage of any and all opportunities to do the little things with my kids -- whenever possible. Had to get over the guilt that I felt when someone other than me had to pick up my son from school if he got ill -- but my best friend was happy to pinch hit for me when I needed her to. My marriage -- yeah, there were rocky points, but we committed ourselves long ago to stick it out 'til the end together -- we had to have alot of patience with each other and be forgiving -- both had a boatload of apologies -- but we're still here -- stronger than ever!!

    So.... yes it is hard, yes it can be miserable at times -- however, it is not FOREVER-- it can be done! Looking back, I can even say HONESTLY, that it has pulled our family even closer to each other. And now that I am finished -- we continue to benefit from our organizational skills, better communication and have learned to ejoy each moment. I'd say we're better off all the way around because we survived my schooling together.
  5. by   loisane
    This is getting very confusing, with so many posters sharing about non-anesthesia related education. I don't have any suggestions, maybe some of the moderators would know how to improve this.

    I earned my MSN after anesthesia school. So I can speak to the relative committments of undergrad nursing vs. grad nursing vs. anesthesia school.

    Yes, all school is hard, and everyone has to make adjustments, sacrifices, whatever. But hands down, anesthesia school is a completely different experience from undergrad or even non-anesthesia grad. I would believe it would be more fair to compare to medical school, or law school.

    So this is a VERY reasonable, appropriate and useful topic for SRNAs and wannabes to discuss. Of course it can be done, and many have done it. But sharing info on HOW it can be done, and at what cost is important. It can be helpful in deciding IF this is something that fits your life, and if so, how to best get through it.

    Now, please continue keeping-on-keeping on------------

    loisane crna
  6. by   TraumaNurse
    Unfortunately, the moderators do not have control over people posting into the forum without looking at the top of the page to see which forum they are posting in. Any new post is posted here as well as in the "Lastest Nursing Discussions" so people are responding without noticing which forum they are actually responding to. This does lead to confusion and can often get a good discussion off track. mIt is not to say that there are not excellent points being made, but if it is not relavent to CRNA school than it can get discussions off course.
    We can only ask that people be cognizant of which forum they are posting in when responding to a thread.

    Fear is what keeps me focused on studying and it takes time and flexibility to develop good organizational skills. The volumes of material come at you very fast and you can waste time on unecessary tasks or you will get behind...and that is BAD! You are correct that you must be efficient and use every chance you get to have your face in the books! If you stay on top of the reading, it is manageable.
  7. by   loisane
    Quote from TraumaNurse
    Unfortunately, the moderators do not have control over people posting into the forum without looking at the top of the page to see which forum they are posting in.
    Yep, I did kinda figure that. Thanks, though!

    loisane crna

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