There is a story "up front" about a CRNA who is accused...

  1. of reusing needles to inject patients. My first reaction was why would anyone with even a HIGHSCHOOL education do something so stupid, let alone someone who has the education of a CRNA. Is this person a prima facia sicko or is this practice somehow remotely common (the oxymoron non withstanding)? Heck, with the prion based diseases that might be out there today I'm not even sure that autoclavically sterialized SURGICAL instruments should be reused (maybe this is a budding business opportunity for someone out there. Disposible scapals and the like!)
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  3. by   TexasCRNA
    Is this true?? I dont tend to believe everything I read by the media! They usually seem to distort the truth. If this is true it just gives more ammo to the ASA to limit CRNAs practice. Lee
  4. by   chigirl
    if the ASA has the nerve to do that then there is plenty of ammo out there to throw back in their faces, I woulnd't worry to much about that in the medical profession even us dumb engineers now what kind of grusome mistakes can happen, surgeons taking the wrong eye, leg, lung, etc... out, and the list goes on.

  5. by   caliotter3
    There was a case recently in the bay area where a person was convicted of reusing needles. She got a prison term. Her excuse was that she said she was trying to save money for her employer.
    Caused a big stir when it first hit the media b/c a lot of people needed to get tested for diseases, etc.
  6. by   chigirl
    we can't help stupidity some of the smartest enigneers I know have the common sense of a grain of happens in all fields we are surrounded.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
  8. by   Roland
    "watered down" chemotheraputic agents. However, the causal factor was avarice not stupidity or insufficient education. I suspect that something similiar is occuring in this situation (perhaps just plain manevolence). I was hoping that someone more informed than I could shed some light on possible motives for such behavior.

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