the decsion is finall. Ft Worth here I come.

  1. Well, I have finally decided. I am moving to Ft. worth in ten days. I got a travel assingment in the local Neuro Critical care unit. I have been reassured that Texas Wesleyan's program is as strong as ever with its award winning physiology instructor. they are building a new building, dedicated to the graduate program of Nurse Anesthesia. I am so excited,. we decided on Ft worth partley because it is closer to home and I have brother-in-law that lives in ft. worth. I cant belive its finally time to move. I remeber 4 years ago when my wife and I got married we used to say. " someday we will have to move when I get accepted to nurse anesthesia school" and now here we are. I will keep in contact with this board. it has given me a lot of of direction thus far.
    P.S. why cant matt spell you ask. I can spell I just choose to be creative.
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  3. by   fence
    Good luck in Ft. Worth. I think you will enjoy this neck of the woods. Personally I enjoy moving. I am not fond of the process, but the idea of a new place and new people. Anyway congratulations on the decision and the move.
  4. by   dontae
    Sounds exciting. Congrats and good luck. For some reason, I've always wanted to move to Texas. But I'm scared to death of the program at Wesleyan.
  5. by   RainbowzLPN
    Good luck in Ft Worth! Sounds like a great place~!
  6. by   arkgolfer
    Good luck! I hope I'm there with you.
  7. by   smiling_ru
    That is great! I have to ask, as I recall you were intially planning to apply to many many schools. How many did you ultimately go with?
  8. by   ivpush
    Dr Reinke will give you an ulcer, migraine, irritable bowel and a nightmare at the same time! However, it is well worth it at the end. When you start clinicals, you can explain most everything in you mind down to the cellular level after his class. When I took the Valley Review class, there was not one thing that I had not been taught before. Its stressful at the time, but well worth it!!!
  9. by   Rhon1991
    Why are you afraid of Wesleyan's program? Just curious. I have been keeping my eye on programs in TX because there is a chance my husbands job will be relocating us there and I am going to be applying to CRNA schools in a couple of years.
  10. by   Glad2behere
    Good Luck! When you get there please let me know if there are any old foggies in the classes. Like 50 or so. I live 50 miles from Ft Worth and did many of my nursing clinicals at Petersmith years back. In fact the old nursing school is next door to Petersmith. I'sd really like to know though, if there is some age in the class.
  11. by   parklandtrauma
    How did you get them to let you know that you had been accepted. I have a interview in FEB and they told me i would know by april. did you just do really good on your interview and they accepted you on the spot. or did you finagle (sp) the info out of them some how. April is sure a long time to sit wonder.