Thanks to all, making the dive into CRNA

  1. Hi,
    I've discovered this site last week and have spend several of your tax dollars following the threads at work (I'm in the Air Force). I've gathered a lot of info that just are not in books...for example, I did not even know what a "AA" was before last week.

    A special thanks to: athomas91, TraumaNurse, nilepoc (Craig), kmchugh (Kevin), gaspassah, CougRN, Alansmith52, Athlein1, Trauma Tom, NCgirl, ether, deepz, loisane, jdpete, meandragonbrett, yoga crna, Gaspasr, BikeGurl, lsucrna04, versatile kat and your lone MDA Tenesma.

    Kevin and yoga crna are extremely helpful with thoughtful posts and detailed info. Thanks for taking the time to write.

    I personally had the misfortune of letting the Air Force send me to ANP school (did a dual ANP-primary care and med-surg CNS program at VCU).
    Now thay will not send me to CRNA school no matter how short they are or how good my grades/GRE are; they would rather lower their GPA/GRE standards to catch more qualified applicants (25 per year).

    For those of you who may be thinking of a nurse practitioner program, if you think you can succeed in a CRNA program...hold out for the good stuff!
    Funny, I was told that the CRNA market was saturated in 1998 when I applied to NP is really the other way around nowadays.

    I think I have a solid application for VCU (again). Got the undergrad/grad GPA, good GRE, 8 years in the ICU, blah...blah...
    Only thing to stress over is the interview. I'll drop my application on 1 Aug (after I tweak things for VA residency). Hopefully I'll get a quick interview and early select, but still have time for a secondaty application if needed. I'm reading that waiting for mid-Fall might be on the late side for applications. Should I apply to secondary schools soon as well?

    As an added benefit, the mobility NCO is looking for me...something about a vacation on the beach (Iraq) over the winter...

    I would be proud to join your group...
    Thanks so much!
    Dave Proffer
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  3. by   athomas91
    Dave - good luck - i am sure you will be successful in your endeavor...and you will love it.
  4. by   Athlein1
    Hi BigDave,
    Welcome! Glad to have you!
    Just read your post. With all the interest in CRNA programs (sounds like most programs are experiencing rapidly increasing numbers of applications from qualified candidates), it might be a good idea to cover your bases and send second-choice apps out to the schools on the list if you really want to get in this cycle. Just make sure the schools you select can deal with your previously-acquired MSN (you surely know this, but for those that are considering the NP-CRNA bridge, you can't receive an MSN twice, which means you either have to attend a program that doesn't confer the MSN or one that has a post-Master's setup).
    Best of luck! Keep us posted...
  5. by   BigDave
    Thanks for the tip. I wasn't sure about the second degree thing. Mine is a actually does not even mention what major on the sheepskin. I know that VCU and my most likely secondary (UNC-Charlotte/Carolina's Medical) both offer a post-master's. Has anyone heard anything about the program in Charlotte? I am not sure of the quality, but all my family lives there (read "lots of free babysitting").
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    Welcome to the board and good luck!!
  7. by   gaspassah
    thanks, welcome and good luck
  8. by   CougRN
    welcome man. i'm so exited to start myself. i have 3 friends who start this week. i wish them all the best if they are watching this site. go first class at Midwestern! i love arizona and can't wait to come back after you all pave the way. Go class of 2006!


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