Surgery death blamed on jealous former classmate - page 2

CHARLOTTE (AP)-For five years, the death of Sandra Baker Joyner after a mini-facelift was attributed to medical error. But last month, investigators proposed a more sinister explanation. As she lay... Read More

  1. by   kukukajoo
    Sounds like it may be just a witch hunt. So what if she was upset years ago over a boyfriend?(not saying she was even mad then) I just don't see someone going nutso over it so many years later- does not add up.

    Heck I got clocked in the face in high school when I was caught holding hands with a guy who evidently had a GF and didn't tell me, lol! Would she want to hurt me NOW? Heck no! Not even the next year- that guy was long forgotten.

    What I am saying is that stupid teen things do not usually amount to much later in life and many times we look back at how sophomorish we were and cringe and laugh!

    I just think maybe this was a tragic reaction to the fentanyl and more is being made of it than should be.
  2. by   sc17
    The only reason the surgeon was sued is $$$$$. Regardless of who is really responsible (or supervising) the scumbag lawyers will name anyone involved in the case with deep pockets. If an anesthesiologist had been involved the surgeon still probably would have been named. (It might have been a little easier for him to get his name dropped, though)