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  1. Ok guys...I know this is a really bad one, but I've got 2 interviews coming up for CRNA school (Geotown & VCU), and I am wondering whether I should shave my goatee---more like a Fred Durst hairy bottom lip thing. I have the gut feeling to say yes which wouldn't be a px, but then do you really think it makes a difference---alot of male RN's have them....2 razor or not 2 razor?
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  3. by   smogmatt
    I don't think the decision to get in would be based solely on how much facial hair you have. "Ahh We really like that hairy kid from AZ but ......"

    In a perfect world, it wouldn't matter.

    coming from Idaho, a rural conservative state, I never know what kind of stereotypes an interviewer might have preconceived.

    On the flip side if there are 20 cookie cutter, homogenized clean shaven kids out there..... you might stand out.

    I don't have that problem, I couldn't grow one if my life depended on it (darn babyface).


    -hey so where ya interviewing?
    Good luck!!!!
  4. by   nilepoc
    I was asking one of my instructors about this today, as they all commented on my earings and tongue ring when I arrived at school. they all said it wouldn't have mattered if I left them in for the interview. What they really want, is to know do you clean up well? I thought you would like to hear this about this particular school.

  5. by   WntrMute2
    I think you would do well to shave. Remember that most schools want homogeneous classes. I think also that most schools are more conservative than Georgetown where Nilepoc is coming from. The nations capital is a more liberal place than the midwest for instance. I'm not saying it would definatly hurt you but it could and it probably can't help. same thing with clothes, we had this debate here a while ago.
  6. by   London88
    I know it does not make a difference in the Philadelphia region. To be honest with you I think you will do just fine with it. Remember these people see your credentials before they see you. If they have invited you for an interview it is usually because you have met their admission criteria. I think your personality is going to carry much more weight. You can have your goatee and still look sharp!
  7. by   g8rlimey
    Thanks all for comments....the goat will stay!!!
  8. by   WntrMute2
    Just one more thought. What will you think if you don't get in after your interviews? Will it bother you that the goat may have cost you a position? You state it isn't a problem to shave, just grow it back after the interview.
  9. by   Tia
    Hey if you go in there and present yourself in a confident manner and show them why you want to be a CRNA, then the little bit of hair on your face shouldn't be a problem. GOOD LUCK with your interview. Let us know how it goes.
  10. by   g8rlimey
    I would wonder about the what ifs....but I don't think that is a wise thing to do in my case...I'll just pick myself up and do it again next year, and maybe a little different.
    Also, I think other things may impede my acceptance more than the goat...most notably the late nature of my application...I can't justify or validate this opinion, just a gut feeling. I am confident about the interviews however, and hopefully that will help me capitalize and succeed in this process.
  11. by   WntrMute2
    Originally posted by g8rlimey

    Also, I think other things may impede my acceptance more than the goat...most notably the late nature of my application... [/B]
    if you got asked to interview, I think the issue of the date of application has passed. they won't waste teir/your time interviewing if they felt strongly about the application date. On the other issue, good-luck!
  12. by   nilepoc
    Also I know that one of the schools you are applying to has not filled yet.

  13. by   g8rlimey
    duly noted---thx for the info
  14. by   Espresso girl!
    Hey g8trlimey, just curious as to where you did your ICU work here in the valley (i live in chandler)...I will graduate in May but for March and April I'm slated to do ICU training at Desert Samaritan. Any advice on good places to work in the East Valley for ICU when I'm done? I've also considered moving back to the Northwest, where the pay starts at 22.00 and 25.00 for nights. I've noticed pay here in AZ isn't so great.

    My two cents about the goat...I'd shave it. Why give yourself anything to be doubtful about upon entering the interview? It seems a small price to pay to inflate your confidence. Err on the side of conservativism.

    Best of Luck on your interviews!!

    Espresso Girl

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