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    Ive been checking this site out for a month or so. I've gotten some good insight from alot of you folks. I've been a RN for 13 years. Nine years in a sicu and the last four years I've been a flight nurse for a hospital based program. Part of our on going training includes airway managemnt with anesthesia. We are required to do at least two intubations a month in the OR with anesthesia. Sufice to say over the last four years I've learned a great deal about what there job is like. Sometimes I stay the whole case. Anyway my undergraduate grades are horrible. My BS is in health science and I have an ADN. I would like to apply to CRNA school someday so I decided to take some of the sciences over again. I've taken a year of chemistry and A&P. One semester of physics. Pathophysiology and pharmocolgy with the college of nursing. I have recieved all A marks in every course. My GPA now barely meets the minimum requirement. Do you think I have a chance of getting an getting an interview? I haven't taken the gre yet. I might apply to schools who don't reqire it, but if I have to take it I will. Anybody have any suggestions? Oh buy the way I read those posts on the studentdoctor forum about nurses are stupid. The other day I responded to a MVA rollover with major damage. Unrestrained driver ejected. Coma score on scene was 7, bilateral flailed segments. We were 30 minutes out. We intubated with rsi technique and did chest tube insertion. Corrected her hypoxemia and shock state. She was in the OR is less than an hour. She walked out of the hospital 3 weeks later. God I'm stupid.
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Go for it, and take the GRE it is not that bad.

    I had a 1.95 when I left my first school and my cummulitive GPA for 200 plus hours is a 3.2. So you can do it.

  4. by   ageless
    Some universities have an "academic forgiveness" program where grades, after a certain amount of time, (say 10 years) can go to pass/fail status..... thereby having your GPA reflect your more current preformance. Ask if this is possible for you.
  5. by   lgcv
    You should apply, you have proven that you can do the course work. It is not ALL about the GPA in that respect. TAKE the GRE!! It is not nearly as bad as you might imagine, and not taking it limits you opportunities. Good Luck.
  6. by   prmenrs
    If I'm ever in an MVA, I sure hope some stupid nurse like you comes along and rescues me!!!

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