Stress while in BSN school

  1. Hello, everybody! I just started BSN clinical program and already stressed out to get good grades so that I forgot to mark my scantron card on the test! Fortunately I missed a couple answers but my grade is lower than it should be...
    My friend told me that while I am working on nursing degree I shouldn't think of becoming a CRNA. She also said that it might add more stress to my life just thinking about "A"s and "B"s on the tests. Would you please tell me,guys who are CRNAs now, when is the best time to start preparing yourself for another 2 years of school? And how did you ,guys, do in nursing schools? How did you manage stress or possible "C"s, besides studying hard?
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  3. by   CarolinaGrl
    Not a CRNA, but finishing up an accelerated BSN program with plans to go to anesthesia school -

    Since I am only weeks away from graduation, I can tell you that it is very difficult to focus so far in advance on just anesthesia. I found this out in the beginning. It is much better to just concentrate on the present (the test in front of you or care plan you are writing) for your sanity as well as grades. Indirectly, you will then be doing what you need to do to become a CRNA. It has really worked for me to have the long-term goal, but focus on the short term goals that will get me there. Prioritize - the test you have this week is more important than the paper due next week etc.

    Hope that made sense to you and helps out a little.
  4. by   ticu
    You will never be able to avoid the stress if you strive for the best grades - it is natural and different people will cope with such pressure differently. Try yoga or meditation.

    Also, I don't really understand why would goal of becoming CRNA factor so strongly into this? Wouldn't you like to get best grades regardless what plans do you have after graduation? OK, maybe I am naive...

    Speaking of stress, I have graduated cum laude from one of the best BSN programs while working full time and with English as a second language... :-)

    Good luck!
  5. by   warzone

    Are you still in SLC? What school did you go to? I'm heading up that way at the end of this month. I am doing the 'career change' thing. Going from Industrial Design to nursing...hopefully CRNA. I have to take some pre-reqs, then hopefully getting into the U's BSN program for the Fall of '04.

    I can definetly see how having the ultimate goal of becoming a CRNA can add a lot more stress to your schooling. Especially if you have had this goal in mind from the very start of your Nursing schooling. I'm feeling the stress already...and have not even really started. :imbar
  6. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yep, concentrate on your BSN courses. Don't forget to have your eye on the prize though: take some hard science courses like o-chem if you can, do an externship in an ICU, and start researching good ICUs to work in once you graduate.
  7. by   KristinWW
    I'm with CarolineGirl and Emerald - you just began, focus on your current semester. I'm guilty of terminal planning as well, and it took me many years to learn to complete what I start in the present.

    I'm still thinking about missing filling in the scantron
  8. by   ticu
    Warzone, did you get my pm?
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    Sorry...I was browsing the forum without being logged in, so I did not know I had a PM.

    You have mail!
  10. by   mattsmom81
    You're thinking waaaay too far ahead and stressing too much.....take this one step at a time, that's my advice.

    Just focus on getting through nursing school #1.

    Then when you're done, next focus will be on mastery of basic nursing care in the real world. THEN if you are still motivated to go on to critical care, focus on becoming the best ICU nurse you can be. This stuff doesn't happen overnight, so slow down a little and enjoy the process.

    Once you are an experienced critical care nurse, get your CCRN. And maybe your CEN (working a little ER never hurts either, for those emergency situations and difficult intubations) I'm not a CRNA but know quite a few (who worked with me in ICU prior to CRNA) They tell me these credentials are looked at very favorably in the selection process, at least in my area.

    Hint from an old ICU nurse: ICU nurses tend to be a tads put off by the introductory statement 'I'm only here to become a CRNA'. This pitstop attitude will NOT endear ya, believe me.

    Things will all work out if they're meant to. You may find yourself heading a whole different direction once you're a practicing nurse. Happens all the time.

    Good luck to you, and relax and have a little fun when you can, as we're only young once. :roll
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  11. by   ticu
    amen, mattsmom81 :-)
  12. by   szoozoo
    OH MY GOD!!! SO MANY RESPONSES IN JUST a few days!!! Thank you all!!!
    I think I got the message... I will try to relax and forget about future, even though it is difficult. I study hard and do relax on weekends but Sunday is when the study begins again. And I never ever though that to have good grades is only good for becoming a CRNA. I grew up in a family of 2 doctors, and grade "A" represented a surgery well done. My mother used to tell me that "you don't want someone to perform a surgery on you and get "B", right?!" Well, once again, I really appreciate you all and hope I will be more organized next time on the test.
  13. by   SCHMEGGA
    There is absolutely no reason NOT to think about going to CRNA school now. The only reason I went into nursing in the first place was to get where I will be in just over a year from now. Think big, baby!!!