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  1. I know this isnt what this site is for but were all freinds here.
    I had a time the other night. they found this guy ont he highway next to a mortorcycle.
    they brought him up the ICU all seemed to be somewhat stable for a while. I and another Nurse noticed that his nose was oozing blood from both nostrils. I looked like it was tideling and it looked arterial. the atending said it probably was arterial and there was nothing we could do about even after I suggested rhino rockets. so everyone is setting up and lines are gettig placed. it wasn't my patient so I stood outside of the room and played goffer.
    on one of my trips back to the room the attending yells "Get the Rapid infuser"
    so I do and as I am running down the hall I am thinking boy, I hope I remember how to work this thing.
    I get to the room and yep bradycardia and chest compressions. bla bla bla anyway 12 units of blood and 17 liters of ns later and some epi and atropine he died. we don't do big codes like that in our unit often. usually ours are resp failure. most of our patients are pretty good cardio wise.
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  3. by   London88
    I happily responded to a code on the pcu, namely a PEA situation. After giving epi we were able to get a pulse with the heart rate in the 30,s so it seemed like a good idea to pace the pt. I handed the wire to pcu nurse so that she can attach the wire to the pacer pads whilst I set up the pacer. After playing with the pacer for approx 30 seconds I was wandering why the H--- I could not get any capture. Something told me to look at the pt, when I realized that the pcu nurse had no idea what to do with the wire and left it on the bed. Being the calm person that I am I explained to her very kindly the purpose of the wire. I was able to laugh at the situation back at the unit.
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  4. by   l.rae
    allen...that sucks.......sorry to hear you worked so hard and still lost the pt...............what are rhino rockets?,,,,,LR
  5. by   nilepoc
    What a timely post, Now do not think that waht follows is a typical week. I think that some greater deity is punishing me for leaving my current position and starting school. BTW the count is 18 days to start. Yahoooo.

    In the last four days we have had, (being charge, I am in on all codes.)

    Pedestrian VS. auto, head lac, fracture, pelvic fracture, and tib, fib gentleman who, in one hour on the unit brady's we code him, recovers if you could call it that, goes into VT, we code him. His pupils dilate and he dies. Helped with a pericardial tap, and shocked him with paddles.

    Two nights later, 70 year old with Hep C and 80% of her liver surgically removed, goes into PEA and we code her three times. Much blood, and other things later she rushes off to OR to die.

    Last night, 28 yo IUFD (intra uteran fetal demise) patient with HELP, DIC (death is comming), and Sepsis from amniotic bolus goes into SVT and we get to push more adenocard than should be allowed, and synchronised cardiovert her three times. BTW I was running CVVH at the time and the patient is on epi, levo, and vasopressin. What fun. I just want to walk away, there is only so much that should happen in one week.

    I am now in dread of working my last six shifts.

  6. by   alansmith52
    why the pericardial tap. is that to relive a tamonade or somthing?

    A rihno rocket is a sort of quick fix to a nose bleed. its kinde of like a tampon in that there is an aplicator and a big piece of cotten that shuves up the nose to stop a bleed. and I mean way up the nose. doesn't look comfortable.
  7. by   AL bug
    Nileoc, my last few shifts were the same way. Coding the whole world, Swan's, procedures, lines, you name it. It was great to say, after one of those hellacious days, I don't have to come back... Not I'm off for 3 days. You will get there. Just take it in stride. You are headed for Glory Land (well maybe that's a stretch )

    Did you mean you got to provide the big thump for VT or did you all actually have to tap the chest?

    I had rhino rockets when I was a kid, for nose bleeds. They made me gag and throw up. Just thought I would share that with you all.
  8. by   Qwiigley
    This is actually a very interesting thread. I enjoy hearing about other people's pts. Let's keep this one going.
    I am working Sunday and Mon- lets see if I will have anything to contribute....
  9. by   AL bug
    I like hearing stories too. Unfortunately, I am not working right now and don't start clinicals until October. When I do, I will be sharing stories.
  10. by   Jimz31
    I understand that all codes are stressful, but which type of code for a CRNA is the one that you dread?

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