SRNA Roll Call

  1. roll call: all srnas and which school they attend

    just curious where all the srnas are, and where all the crnas attended school.

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  3. by   jsauer
    I am a first semester srna from University of Pitt and I am glad to say that the first semester just ended and got my final grades last night at 1:00 am! Yeah!!!!!!! We will still continue clinical 5 days a week through the holidays! I am so excited that I passed but I am kinda upset that I bot a "B". It has been a very difficult adjustment because I went into this program with a 3.9 GPA and now your just glad you passed. What a world of difference! Can anyone relate?? Anything that challenges me, I love it!! I have gotten all my intubations except one (I probably just jinxed myself), it was with a miller. Does anyone have any advice on that?
  4. by   SambvcaSim
    Guess I should include myself in this Roll Call.....UT-Houston, first semester......Class of 2005

    Hilarious Jsauer that you went thru the grade thing like I did. Check the thread "help me pull my head out".

    Just found out I passed with a B, too. I guess we kiss our GPAs goodbye

    Anyway, good luck to you....congrats on the intubation run!
  5. by   gotosleep
    First year SRNA at Bradley University Peoria Illinois.
    Class of 2005 (33 month program). I start clinicals this summer. Good luck to all.
  6. by   ctbsurf
    will start 1st year in jan '03 (27 mo. program) at barry university, miami
  7. by   nilepoc

    Georgetown University

    Still awaiting final grades, but they are over, yeah!

    five semesters to go, I just watched the seniors poster presentations, and I have to say I can't wait to get therre.

  8. by   WntrMute2
    SRNA @ University of Detroit soon to transfer to Wayne State University. 3 semesters to go. I can do it holding my breath.
  9. by   nilepoc

    Why the transfer?

  10. by   WntrMute2
    In answer to your question Craig....

    I began my nursing career in a very large inner city hospital. That was the kind of place I applied to and was accepted into. Due to a shift in the philosophy of the chairman of the department and of the administration, the move has been to expand the residency program at the expense of the CRNAs. The CRNAs have left the hospital reducing their numbers from 35 when i started to less than 10. As there is a lack of CRNAs, the school has decided to close and planned to merge with the program that shared the didactic portion of the courses. Since this program is very different as to the intensitivity of training (we reffered to it as the country club),I decided to explore the possibility of joining the other inner-city program. They welcomed me with open arms and except for some glitches in the registration process I have felt like this other program has bent over backwards to help me out. In the interim, the "sister" program's VP stated he didn't want to accept us into their program further leaving me feeling at loose ends. Eventually, a part time person has been hired by the hospital I started with since the director and his staff is running for the hills. This will allow the remainder of the students to finish but with having to share their open heart, neuro, vascular cases with residents. I felt I would like my training to continue to be from CRNAs and while my old program is talking about how little we still need to learn. My new program is still in full educational mode. they are very well respected and while I will miss many aspects of the place i started with, I feel like the last year will be damage control at best if I stay.
  11. by   SambvcaSim
    Wntrmute2..........all I can say is WOW! God bless ya. Good luck to you!

  12. by   apaphoenix
    SRNA, 1st semester (thank goodness it's done!!) And 23 months to go. Texas Wesleyan.

    Enjoy the break all you SRNA's out there!!!

    Phoenix :roll
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  13. by   N2bate
    First Semester down at Virginia Commonwealth.......yeah!
  14. by   blazeboy97
    Medical College of Georgia...Class of 2004.
    Last final this Wednesday, 6 more semesters to go!!

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