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  1. Im in my last year of nursing school and I want to go to CRNA school after working a couple of years. When I graduate I should have a GPA of 3.3 or better. My concern is that in my first year of college I slacked a little bit and never droped a physics class and ended up with an F because it was never dropped. Now should I retake this class? Im really concerned that this one class and one year is going to haunt me and I want be able to get into a program no matter what. Any advice on what I can do and how I can prepare myself to be more competive to get into a program?
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  3. by   chickenbee
    You should contact the anesthesia program directors. They could offer more concrete answers to your questions. Some programs may overlook the "F" and understand that some people were not as focused as they should have been. Other programs may advise that you retake the class.

    Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
  4. by   vaRN
    I had something like that on my record from my freshman year and just got into the first program that I applied to. I agree that you should contact the program administrator at the school that you wish to apply. It may be that nursing prerequisites and nursing classes are the only courses that they look at.
  5. by   cal565
    Hey vaRN I see your from Alabama, Im from Mississippi I was just wondering were you went to CRNA school at?
  6. by   vaRN
    I just got into a VA sponsored program in San Antonio Texas Army Medical School. They will pay for me to attend one year of didactic in Texas and then I will do my clinicals in Augusta, GA. I was thinking about applying to UAB but I did not want to have to take out more loans. Thet got enough of my money during undergrad.
  7. by   cal565
    So are you in the Army? I was also thinking about applying to UAB. Im thinking that out of state tuition is really going to be bad. I'm just hoping I have the grades to get in.
  8. by   vaRN
    I am not in the army, nor do I have to join. You just have to be a Veterans Affairs ICU RN for at least one year. UAB has a big class every year, you should give it a try. There are loans that you could get.

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