Should we avoid certain degrees??

  1. I recently talked to a CRNA who said that in the near future, SRNA's will only qualify to sit for certification if their degree is a Masters of Science in Nursing. I think I've noticed that many programs actually grant different degress like Masters in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Nurse Anesthesia. Have any of you heard anything about this? She mentioned that it would not affect those already certified. But what if you're about to graduate from a program just as this new rule goes into affect?
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  3. by   loisane

    The CRNA is misinformed. If a nurse anesthesia program granted a degree that would not permit graduates to take the certification exam, that program would not be accredited.

    There is no requirement for a nursing degree to be certified as a CRNA. About half of our programs are non-nursing. I have heard of no plans to change this. But even if it was in the future, programs would be aware of it years in advance, and be making the changes need to comply with accreditation.

    The CRNA may be confusing certification with state licensure. There are some states that require a nursing degree to be licensed as an advanced practice nurse. But even in those states, you may still be able to work as a CRNA without an advanced practice license. Check with your state board of nursing.

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  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Loisane is absolutely correct. As a member of the AANA Education Committee I can assure you that there is not even the faintest consideration of such a limitation. Programs have to be able to utilize academic partners to grant a degree and not every academic institution can grant the MSN so restrict of anesthesia programs to only one degree type would be a huge case of cutting one's nose off to spite one's face!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest assure there is no movement in that direction!!:kiss
  5. by   dontae
    Thanks alot for the clarification. Now, I just have to get into one of those schools.