Should I freshen up on Chem beginning ?

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  3. by   Athlein
    Why not ask the schools to which you are applying what they consider to be the most important aspects of your application?
    If the response is that the average GRE of admitted students is high, then you know where to concentrate your efforts.
    If your GPA is strong, and you feel like you have a solid knowledge base of science, why risk negatively impacting your GPA? If your knowledge base of science is weak, then taking more complex classes like organic for science majors or biochem is asking for a sufferfest. Remember this saying - It's foolish to dive into a pool when you can't see the bottom...
    Sure, a basic understanding of chemistry is necessary, but it's not like you are going to be tested on the principles of physical chem, after all.
    No matter what, you are smart to be preparing early for application! Best of luck with your plan!
  4. by   purplemania
    I would concentrate on the GRE test. That is your first loop to jump through. Go to their website for sample questions and FAQ's (sorry, do not have link). Buy book(s) on how to study for it and take sample tests over and over. Go to library and browse thru or borrow what you keep flubbing on the sample tests. That's what I did. Also got some good advice at the Testing Center on campus. GOOD LUCK>
  5. by   wif411
    Why not take chemistry placement test and see where you place??? You can do that at local college-university?
  6. by   CougRN
    A chemistry placement test? Never heard of that.

    Nitecap, yes you should take an o-chem class. Most schools want you to have taken one in the last 4-5 years but since it is an important part of pharm and phys I think it would help to have it fresh in your head prior to starting school. As for retaking inorganic chem i'm not sure how helpful that would really be. I was hoping someone in school could say something about that.

    You are going to be in for a really busy time getting ready for school. I can tell you because I am currently applying and interviewing and I have finished up 3 certifications and a bunch of cc classes to prepare. Plus I took a GRE prep class which I suggest if you can find one.

    Best of luck.
  7. by   wif411
    My dh just took a Chemistry placement test at East Carolina University. (That's how I know they exist and are in use) Seriously, it gave him a perspective of where he needed to be.
    Good luck to you as you return to school. My dh is doing it now!!