selecting a school- with or without MDA residency

  1. Can anyone explain the advantages/disadvantages in CRNA schools with and without a residency program? It's my understanding that a benefit of going to a school without a MDA residency program is that there is no competition for cases. On the otherhand, I've been told to choose a school with a residency program because the experience of working with residents is beneficial. Any input would help...
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  3. by   lgcv
    It depends on the school. Some schools have no problem with "case competition" between residents and crnas, while other schools do have a problem getting the "better" cases for SRNA's when residents are there. When your looking at schools, ask the director how many specialized types of cases their students graduate with. (major surgery such as hearts, crainiotomies etc., as well as procedures; epidurals, spinals, extremity blocks, central line placements) The schools keep track of how many of these procedures their students perform. If you ask around you will get an idea of the norms, highs and lows.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    I know people who are in CRNA school with a residency program at the same school. They hate it b\c the residents get first picks on the cases. The SRNAs get the "Easy" cases and do not gain the needed complexity of the more difficult cases that the residents get. I also have a friend at a CRNA school that doesn't have an anesthesia residency and they love it b\c there is no competetion on the cases. The SRNAs get to do all of the cases and get more clinical experience than the required amounts.

    Just my two cents worth