Seattle anyone???

  1. was curious if any of you were attending the national conference...

    also had a quick question...our school likes us to attend..but i am really on the fence..first of all i am not working - and the money is an you think they will frown upon me just taking the wk full of clinical rather than going to the conference this yr??
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  3. by   nilepoc
    I wanted to go, but will be unable to attend. The reason is that in my program we are not allowed to take any vacation during our Shock Trauma month. Unfortunately mine is in August which is the month of the conference. I attended last years, and it was a worthwhile experience. I would recommend it to anyone who can attend.

    I am extra bummed about not attending, as I think I will have a poster at the conference. Oh well.
  4. by   deepz
    Quote from athomas91
    .....i am not working - and the money is an issue...
    Look into the AANA's program of subsidizing students attending Annual. Individual CRNA members sponsor each student, I believe.

  5. by   gaspassah
    i will be attending the conference and was wondering if anyone else had ever been. what's it like and what will be going on? any infor appreciated.
    sorry i meant to say i would be attending the student mentoring program in washington dc in may.
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  6. by   Athlein1
    Seattle is a must if you can make it. Great clinical information will be presented, vendors have all sorts of new toys and technologies to play with, and the opportunities for networking are unparalleled.
    Go! We are investing in a profession in which we will likely be employed for the rest of our working days. For some of us, that is a 30+ year span! We need to get involved in our national association - and stay active - to ensure the same practice privileges that CRNAs who have come before us have worked hard to attain (and maintain!).
    And, I hear the partying scene is a whole lot of fun if that's your thing...
  7. by   Brenna's Dad
    I'll be attending along with most of my classmates. Only a four hour drive for us though. We're all looking forward to it.
  8. by   Roland
    Could Seattle be a venue for presenting some of the "arcane" anesthesia knowledge such a regional blocks, that may be being lost in some CRNA programs and practice areas? Granted one seminar may not be sufficient, but it is a start. I had once suggested "CRNA competitions" which proved to be a very unpopular concept on this forum. However, one side effect which might theoretically emanate from such an undertaking would be a premium placed upon mastering, maintaining, and promoting difficult and seldom utilized skills seldom encountered in many CRNA clinical practice settings. Furthermore, continuing advances in patient simulators make the undertaking of such endeavors more reasonable at least from a conceptual stand point. I wish to make the job of MDA organizations who seek to "sell" the concept of CRNA's to the public and government as simply "assistants" or worse, inferior care providers as tough a job as is possible.
  9. by   alansmith52
    id love to go. I am afraid Ill be moving to my clinical site at that time thoug.
  10. by   athomas91
    i would really love to go as well...
    but let's face it..i am not working...and to fly from the east coast to seattle and stay for 5 days - and eat...and conference a pretty penny when you have no income...
    it isn't that i don't want to go - i do...badly...but i don't want it to cause a stress at home...and it is in washington next yr..which is only 1.5 hr away...
  11. by   SRNAVic
    I'm going to attend as well as a bunch of my classmates (I'm from Rush U.). I did not go last year but I hear it is a very informative and interesting time. I think the Mariners are in town that week so I'll try to check out one of those games as well.

  12. by   duckboy20
    Gonna be in Washington DC next year? That will be a good one to go to. Although Seattle is supposed to be awesome as well!