Roll Call for the Class of 2006

  1. Hello future SRNA's ... I've been reading some of the "nervous" posts and was hoping everyone would say where they'll be this fall. Hopefully we can keep in touch throughout the next 2.5 years, and offer support when needed!

    I'll be at UNC Charlotte, and will be moving there in about 2 months! Who's next? ...
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  3. by   catcolalex
    kaiser in pasadena aug 23
  4. by   nec
    University of Scranton in Pa
  5. by   CougRN
    St. Joseph's Hospital Providence, RI and University of New England. Start Sept. 2004.
  6. by   bwt02
    Midwestern University to start June 7th. Scared to death
  7. by   MaleAPRN
    August 16 - St. Elizabeth/YSU in Youngstown, OH
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  8. by   TraumaNurse
    UMDNJ - Orientation in 4 days and classes start in 7 days...but who's counting!
  9. by   hulk
    TCU in Fort Worth, Texas
  10. by   Trauma Tom
    Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Orientation June 3rd, classes start June 7th. The adrenaline is already beginning to flow!!!
  11. by   StudentNurse04
    This board is truly great!
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  12. by   CRNAStudent
    Case Western Reserve University

    August 23

  13. by   IBorg
    Starting at HSR- in CT. Which is ST. Rapheals tommorrow 5/24, Totaly freaked!!!
  14. by   movinsouth
    moving to Naples, Fl in July to start school at FGCU in August.