Question: To organic or not to organic? - page 2

To all you SRNAs/CRNAs: I am at that critical point where I am sending appy's for quickly upcoming programs. I have not taken organic/biochemistry. I am definitely not a chem wizard, but rather... Read More

  1. by   yoga crna
    Take organic chemistry. It is imperative that you understand the scientific basis of anesthesia pharmacology and procedures. I personally think biochemistry is more interesting, but having the organic background made bio easier to understand.
  2. by   London88
    I took biochemistry 10 years ago. I am now taking an advanced pharmacology class, and I can assure you that a lot of the stuff i learned in biochem is resurfacing in understanding how drugs exert their effects on the body. I am glad that I took biochem.
  3. by   New CCU RN
    I say take it!!!! It can only help you. It also will show the admissions committee that you are dedicated to learning and furthering your education. Not to mention, the background information you will learn can only help once you start getting into the hard core anest courses!!!! Good luck. It will take lots of studying, but most of it is more time consuming than actually difficult!!!!!