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  1. G'day everyone!

    Thanks for the wealth of information shared, especially to Kevin M whom I believe has been quite generous.

    I'm a F/T nursing student in Sydney and was actively looking forward to a position as an anaesthetic technician. BTW, we do not have Nurse anaesthetists in Australia. An Anaethetist in Australia is an MD and an anaesthetic technician assists the MD.

    Like many of you I too have a family and am curious as to the cost of tuition to do an MSN. I believe this was covered earlier by others but was somewhat sketchy as I couldn't distinguish the tuition fee from the living expenses.

    I'm very interested to hear from anyone out there who is currently doing the course F/T and also has a family.

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  3. by   nilepoc
    Well, after just doing those calculations, I can say that my first year is going to indebt me $32,000 in tuition alone. They say I should be able to live on $11,000/ yr. Hahahaha

    The remaining 15 months of the program will be about $8,000.
    For the clinical phase I will be attending only one credit hour a semester, so the fee is a great deal smaller.

    A friend of mine who is starting this comming week at a school in Minnesota, will come out with a similar cost total.

  4. by   alansmith52
    is that tutuion because you are paying non-resident, or is that just how much it cost at Gorgetown.
    I don't understant the one credit per sem.. are clinicals just one credit.
    love the journal.. I need a pep talk from my wife almost daily now.
    and I am not even close to were you are
  5. by   meandragonbrett
    At UT-memphis It's around 11,500 a year, that's with the reccomended books and everything. Of course that's instate tuition, out of state is double I think.

  6. by   lgcv
    Most schools charge one tuition for graduate level course work for in state and out of state students. Most schools only give 1 -2 credit hours for clinical time per semester.
  7. by   joeyrigor
    Thanks for the feedback

    So let me get this right, tuition instate is around say $12k...right? What does it mean to be out of state? Does this mean distance education?

    Are some institutions/programs reputably preferred over others as having an 'ideal' CRNA program or do students tend to gravitate towards the first school that accepts them?

    (Sorry for being too basic but I am genuinely interested in the way nurse education is the the U.S. compared to Aus and the U.K.)

    I showed my wife the replies and she just made a face as if to say "You've gotta be kidding! That much?" and then the kids just saw their future pool and holiday get postponed for 5 years....

    Sigh, maybe we take too much for granted here in Sydney. My hat's off to you guys anyway!
  8. by   nilepoc
    Joeyrigor, ( is that a kangaroo reference?)

    The tuition in all programs is vastly different. When we talk about instate versus out of state, we are talking about being a citizen of a state. As an example, lets say you are a resident of quensland, and you wanted to go to school in perth, you would pay more tuition than a person who was a resident of perth. The school system is set up this way to prevent people chasing the lowest tuition, without ever actually having put into the pot through tax payments.

    On the other hand though there are private institutions, of which I will be attending one. That charge a larger amount of tuition, and usually do not differentiate in state and out of state residents from one another. Every student pays the same amount of tuition. My school is especially like this, because there is no state funding for them, especially since they are not located in a US state. The District of Columbia is a territory, and as such does not have a infrastructure that supports education.

    As far as the difference in cost of my program from the first year to the second, it is a product of the way the program is structured. For the first twelve months I attend, I will be exclusively going to school. Then for the last 15 months I will be in clinicals and attending one credit hour a semester. For that last 15 months I just have to pay the per credit hour fees, of 950 a credit. the school has it worked out though so that I am considered a full time student for that time. thus I qualify for all the financial aid a full time student would get.

    I have a friend who is attending a different program, and he will pay 5000 a semester for his entire program. Thus he will come out in the same financial ruin I am in.

    I hope that helped.

    BTW this was my 200th post. whoopeee.
  9. by   joeyrigor

    Thanks for the detail. Pity isn't it? that's actually my name, "wombat or platypus" didn't sound too promising at the time and i don't think a nurse with a name like that would have much to look forward too eh! Your journal's shaping up quite well...keep us posted, will look forward to your progress.

    I reckon it'll be cheaper if i do the MD option in Sydney and go for the full anaesthesiologist thingamajig!....(ha ha ha ????)

    Cheers Mate!

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