Question about Bsn programs??

  1. HI everyone just wanted to introduce myself, I have been lurking for a while now and decided to de-lurk. Well my question was that are there different Bsn programs, what I mean to say is that do the crna programs look differently at an individual if they have done an accelerated Bsn program, or an online one as compared to traditional route. I have my Adn through excelsior college and now I am looking for a Bsn program that will accept excelsiors degree and one that is excepted by crna school. I hope I did not confuse anyone

    Thanks for any replies.

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  3. by   ainz
    Not sure. I would imagine the particular college would have admission criteria and I assume the NLN or some other agency that accredits (is that the correct term?) would have criteria as well. I think in most states you can get the RN license if you graduated from an accredited school of nursing, this usually indicates the NLN has said it is OK. I think there is something similar for CRNA programs. Not sure.
  4. by   TraumaNurse
    It will be individualized to each school. Call the schools you are interested in attending and ask them what there expectations are. I know some schools look at where you received your degree, but others, as long as you have a good GPA and the school is NLN accredited, they will accept the degree.
  5. by   Gump
    Most of the CRNAs I know completed an accelerated BSN program. I would think the key criteria is accreditation.
  6. by   gaspassah
    try the university of south alabama online. i recieved by bsn there and it wasnt easy but it was convenient. got to do a 120 hour clinical in an advanced practice nurse role (anesthesia for me). the degree seemed to be well recieved by the crna school i applied to. i think it was 32 hours total. but you may need some prereq's. hope this helps.
  7. by   sarahr5
    Thanks alot you guys, that really helped, I am going to check into some of those online programs.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I'm an ADN grad doing the University of Phoenix online BSN program. We have several Excelsior grads in classes. You can complete the BSN in about 18 months, entirely online with only 90 hours of clinical. I'm moving right into the generic MSN program when I finish the BSN part.
  9. by   sarahr5
    Is the university of phoenix NLN accredited? How does the clinical work out do you actually go to some site or do they take your job as clinical hours and also do you know if crna schools accept this university. I hope I don't sound stupid. thanks
  10. by   SCB
    The BSN program at UoP is NLN accred, and all MSN programs accept the degree. Your states board of nursing can answer any questions on this. The clinicals are done at work, and you have to be a working RN to attend, part-time is fine. I attended UoP, and it was not easy. We did two, some times three papers and presentations per week. This was all online. I did get my moneys worth.

    Good Luck