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    I am a crna student. My instructor wants us to write about the proposed revision of crna educational standards. I am having difficulty finding information about this subject. I have tried the aana website but there is nothing. Does anybody know where I can access this information? Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   jenn71
    I am planning on pursuing a career as a CRNA so I would be very interested in learning about new educational standards. I have done some surfing around the internet and I have not heard about any new standards other than changing BSN level programs to the MSN level. If there are new changes coming down the pike, I would think the AANA would have the latest scoop. Have you e-mailed them with questions? Does your state have a CRNA association you could contact? Perhaps they could help you out.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    are you serious about changing it from a BSN to MSN? Where did you see\hear this? Tell me what you know, do you have any links to more info about that?

  5. by   jenn71
    I was referring to CRNA programs all becoming MSN degree granting programs. I don't know where they are located, but I read that there still are a few CRNA programs that grant a BSN level CRNA. I wasn't saying that you need an MSN to get accepted to a CRNA program. Sorry if I was unclear.
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    Oh, OK, you about scared the poop out of me. I was like i'm not gonna do that! Ok, yea, don't most schools award a BSN now days? I didn't know there were ones that gave BSN degrees. I've never heard that before. B\C at all the schools i've seen you need a BSN to even be accepted

  7. by   nilepoc
    I am not sure of the year, But the AANA and other governing bodies ruled that all CRNA schools should be at the Masters level. This is why there are fewer programs than there were whne I originally decided to become a CRNA. As it stands now, there are no programs that give a bachelors, there are one or two though that are BSN to Master completion programs. I don't know which ones though.
  8. by   lgcv
    You need to go to the COA portion of the aana site, all the proposed revisions are there, here is the web site.

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