precordial stethescope

  1. Where can I purchase a precordial stethescope? I am a SRNA. We haven't been fitted for or recieved a precordial stethescope or earpiece. Can these be purchased online. Who makes the earpices? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   Tia
    Check with your nurse anesthesia department at your school, they should know where you can get them. The school that I just graduated from had a rep come in and fit us with earpieces. There are precordials available that don't require a perfect fit but I am not sure where you can purchase them.
  4. by   Just a CRNA
    Most any hearing aid store can fit you for an earpiece. The tubing and chestpieces themselves can be purchased through any anesthesia supplier such as SunMed or AA. The formal name is Wenger Chestpiece, if that helps.
  5. by   Buff1
    in case you have not found your precordials yet, this website has a soft earpiece the will fit anyone, probably not durable, but will work for a while, they also have several chest pieces to choose from or you can buy them all.
  6. by   macjrn
    Just got mine through the ENT clinic in our hospital. It consisted of a 10 minute fitting, involving a wax mould of the ear. The earpieces came back two weeks later, and fit very nicely. They even offered mixtures of colors to individualize yours. They came with 4 feet of tubing. I suggest that if you want longer tubing, specify that ahead of time, because it costs about $1/foot. Another option is getting to know a perfusionist. They have some nifty tubing that could be rigged to meet your needs. Total cost can run you $30 to $60, depending on a 'student discount.'
  7. by   LACK
    Hi All, I found a great site that offers self fitting kits for Precordial Stethoscopes. They'll send you a kit, and you mail it back. With in 12 days, you have your earpiece and tubing. Looks like they offer Vinyl and Acrylic based earpieces in different colors. The link to the site is Good Luck, Luke Ackroyd CRNA
  8. by   Leprechaun
    You might want to contact your Baxter rep (they sell Desflurane & scopolamine). Our regional Baxter rep did the wax molds and mailed us our ear pieces and tubing w/in a few weeks for free!
  9. by   jwk
    You can also use a straight catheter, preferably unused. Trim the proximal end to fit your ear canal, cut the distal end and attach an IV extension set to it. Comes in handy when you've lost your $60 earpiece.
  10. by   Qwiigley
    Personally, I rarely use mine. I know of only one anesthesiologist who uses one and that is only for peds.