Pediatric anesthesia

  1. To CRNA's:

    Do any of you specialize in pediatric anesthesia and, if so, do you have any advice for someone considering this field? Are you aware of any CRNA schools that provide extended clinicals in pediatrics?

    Do you know if there is a preference for children's hospitals to hire MD's over CRNA's or is this not even something to worry about?

    Many thanks for your response. Stephanie
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  3. by   gaspassah
    at kaiser perm. in pasadena we do a 2 month rotation at childrens hosp on sunset blvd. and then the random peds case during other rotations.
    however i heard childrens does not hire crna's.
  4. by   Kiwi
    Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia puts about ten times the required number of pediatric cases into their curriculum. The cases are completed at Childrens hospital in Columbus, OH.
  5. by   athomas91
    Drexel/MCP Hahnemann gives us a full rotation at a ped's facility and in our final semester will let us choose a specialty field if we want ...such as peds...
  6. by   NCgirl
    At UNC- Charlotte we do plenty of peds cases, and even pedi hearts in our last semester. I don't know if there is any one school that is better for kids, whereas most programs will boast that you'll get more than the required numbers. I think most programs in the nation are getting their students more than the minimum required in all areas. I vaguely remember reading a year or so ago that the University of Michigan had an internship for new grad CRNA's in their children's hospital. Don't know if that still holds true. I'm also interested in peds anesthesia, will be anxious to see what this thread uncovers.
  7. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Children's Hospital of Michigan does have a 6 month pediatric fellowship for CRNAs (If they are hiring you!). It is associated with Wayne State University not the University of Michigan.

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