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  1. My stepfather broke his hip recently. His base line LOC is A&O x 3-4. P 1 mg Morphine sulfate he becomes agitated enough to get 1mg ativan which really send him over the edge agitation wise. Would romazicon and narcan reversed these paradoxical reactions? How would you achieve pain control? BTW he has Hx of DT's, still drinks 2 beers/day, sometimes wine with dinner, 81 Y/O. Still A&O x 2 (+person&place, -place&event) currently on tylenol for pain. What input or questions can y'all offer. Thanks
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    NurseTim - I'm so sorry for your stepfather's predicament. Best bet would be to ask his MD. I've never known romazicon and narcan given for reversal of these symptoms, plus it can lower your seizure thresh-hold. Take care.