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Two of my friends who are CRNA's take recreational ecstasy almost every weekend. They will take it on Saturday night...stay up all night....and then try to sleep it off on Sunday. When Monday... Read More

  1. by   RNCRNA2BE
    Quote from asoldierswife05
    Bottom Line...It's illegal. There is no literature within the Nurse Practice Act, within any facility policy, or within the law of the US that allows healthcare professionals to use illegal drugs, recreationally or otherwise. In fact, the opposite is pop a positive drug test and your out...and they don't ask, "Well, were you using it in the OR or on your time off?" Why? Because it doesn't make a difference. And I will let you all know now, if you were working with me you would have two help or face your supervisor. You risked your license by using...I'm not taking anything away from you or "ruining" your life if you freely assume the risk knowing the consequences of being reported. Happy drug free night to all!
    It's comforting to know that there are some out there who feel strongly about not using drugs. It's such a ginormous problem(yes, that is a word,btw, whether it's spelled right is another story,lol).
  2. by   mrsalby
    I don't agree with the CRNA's using illegal drugs (or any professional/unprofessinal for that matter). I believe they should be proud representation of their profession. I am sure during their party grogs and travels, talk is made about their profession and what they do. This can shed ill light on the profession as a whole if others see these individuals under the influence of their drug.

    I helped pick up a 19 yo girl off the pavement in front of the hospital last week because she had a seizure when her mom took her out for a cigarette. She seizes and blacks out for 15-20 minutes. She has been hospitalized for two months now trying to control the seizures. The cause...ectasy, said to be her first time using. What a nightmare for mom. She was in tears.

    Another note, I see what the drug has done to my brother and I would never entrust my life into the hands of someone doing ectasy or other illegals.

    What a shame, when they hold such a respected and important position in society.

    Copy all of this thread and send to these subjects. They really need to find the strength to have pride in their profession and learn to Just Say No!

    Understand, I respect that one has the right to choose what they do or ingest into his or her body. They do not have the right to risk injury /harm to another due to this choice and they should rescend their respected, albeit earned, profession if the drugs is the lifestyle they choose.
  3. by   Bamadawg
    Neither one of these CRNAs belong in an OR. They belong in rehab. I don't care if it is alcohol or whatever. The fact that it is an ongoing pattern of abuse is concerning. Extacy is illegal. The anti-social personality disorder that both of these people likely have is especially unatractive in the caring professions. Taking care of people is a priviledge not a right. In the armed forces they would be booted (unless they turned themselves in for rehab) and given other than honorable discharges. Why? Because peoples lives are at stake and drug addicts should not be taking care of sick people.

  4. by   miloisstinky
    If it truly concerns you that much and you must "do something", I suggest simply writing an anonymous letter to the supervisor suggesting random drug testing of anesthesia providers in that facility (obviously that is not being done, which i can never understand, even domino's pizza delivery guy and wal-mart employees get drug tested...unbelievable!)
    Other than that, id mind my own.
  5. by   dfk
    hey drugrep,

    i didn't read thru all the replies, and i don't know if it has already been said, but in my opinion, if they are friends, tell them.. that's why friends are friends, one should be able to be upfront and blunt, and get pissed off, and still hang out the next day.
    now, with that, are they good friends? acquaintances? even less?
    it does make a difference to the level of friendship.
    but the principles are rather across the board.
    i too agree that to each their own on the time off..
    if it impedes their workmanship, i hope their boss/coworkers are observant !
  6. by   Kim O'Therapy
    Quote from susswood
    Occasional recreational drug use does not equal addiction, nor does it necessarily lead to addiction. Additionally, the occasional use of ecstacy (or any other recreational drug use, including alcohol) does not necessiate the need for any type of "rehabilitation."

    Get a grip people.
    Would you get on an airplane knowing that the pilot did ecstasy less than 48 hours ago?
  7. by   dfk
    Quote from Kim O'Therapy
    Would you get on an airplane knowing that the pilot did ecstasy less than 48 hours ago?

    u wouldn't know. can't make the assumption.. you might have been on a plane in such manner... you just never know.
    you could have met som great theorist thet u loved, but never knew they did "drus"---
    i am in no way condoning... but still, others will do what they do, and you do as your heart desires...
    i agree, i don't want anyone taking care of me under the influence...
    just remember, i'm sure it happens more than is realized.. !!!!
  8. by   dfk
    Quote from Kim O'Therapy
    Would you get on an airplane knowing that the pilot did ecstasy less than 48 hours ago?
    that's the point here i think... you just don't know...
    waiting on the what-if could be more detrimental than acutally knwing
  9. by   wildmountainchild
    Take it from one who used to do ecstacy "back in the day" (about 10 years ago). You DO NOT want someone who has been doing ecstacy within the last 48-72 hours handling any life or death situations. PERIOD.

    I remember getting some bad X once and for two weeks I couldn't maintain my line of thought for more than a few moments. I couldn't read a paragraph without forgetting what I was reading, I couldn't hold a conversation without trailing off and forgetting what I was saying. Now imagine me in that state trying to administer meds? Scary, huh? And I was like that for two weeks! My parents had to watch over me as if I was a two year old. Thank god things got better but that was a huge learning experience. You just never know what is in illegal drugs.

    I saw friends go from intelligent, interesting people to bumbling idiots after using ectasy a few too many times. Of course that doesn't happen to everyone who uses the stuff but the point just never know.

    Do the honorable thing.....tell your friends you are reporting them to thier employer and then go do just that. They will likely be fired but not repoted to the BON.

    And the wake up call could save someone's life.
  10. by   pickledpepperRN
    As a licensed professional it is not acceptable to violate requirements of your licensure.
    A registered nurse is required to advocate for the best interest of each patient. A licensed nurse must obey the law.
    If a law is immoral, such as racial discrimination, work to change that law.

    I would not trust the supervisor or facility to protect the patients. They may allow a resignation or terminate a drug user. The Board of Registered Nursing will investigate, then offer the choice of using ecstasy or holding a license. That will be their choice.
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    (Might a name change be in order? Roy was here first! )
  12. by   Focker
    how about.... no
  13. by   jewelcutt
    This is an excellent thread. It would definitely be one of those long discussions in an ethics class. And as such, I'm sure you aren't really going to have a definite answer to the absolute right thing to do. I am not giving my opinion by stating any of the following questions, I just like playing devil's advocate. Do you report someone's husband if you know they are hitting their wife? Do you report parents if kids have strange bruises frequently (not in the hospital)?, do you tell your friend's boyfriend that she's cheating on him?, do you go to the cops if you see someone smoking pot?, do you go to your friend's employer even though you don't work with them?, are you still friends with someone even though they do bad things?

    I think the major dillema the OP is having is the fact that these two CRNAs are friends of hers, not colleagues she witnesses doing drugs. It is a very hard thing to turn in your friends, especially if you think it will ruin their life, even though it could save them in the longrun. I think that after all of these posts, the OP should react on her gut instinct and do what she thinks is right.