Male vs Females in class

  1. I am just curious...
    I have been accepted into a school here in Southern California. This class, starting in August has 30 students, only 7 women. Is this common out there? Any opinions to why this is? I guess it surprises me since the majority of RNs are actually female. (I actually don't mind- I'm not complaining).
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  3. by   AL bug
    Hey Linda,
    My class has 25 with 9 men and 16 women.
    This is West Virginia
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Those who are out there in the field, it seems as if there are more male CRNAs than Female, is this so? It just seems that way here.
  5. by   WntrMute2
    11 students, 6 male 5 female
  6. by   sweetnepenthe
    Nurse Anesthetist, Flight Nurse, ER , ICCU and Nursing management nursing have percentages of males that are disproportionately higher than the percentage of males in nursing overall.

    Approximately 44% of CRNAs are male.
  7. by   BRobison
    my class was 4 males, one female (me).
    All of the guys had decided on anesthesia before they decided to take the nursing pathway to that goal........
  8. by   kmchugh
    My class (graduated one year ago) started with eight females, two males. Graduated seven females, one male (me).

    Kevin McHugh
  9. by   nilepoc
    My class, at least the civilian portion is 24 students, 6 of them male. At least that is my impression from the names on the list.


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