LSU insight??

  1. I posted this in the pre crna thread previously...maybe I will get a better respone here.

    I have been acceted to LSU I am trying to get some insight from previous or current students about the program.

    What are some of the pros and cons?

    Do you feel you got a better learning experience with rotating to various clinical sites ?
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  3. by   billyboblewis
    The more you put in the more you get out. Every program has its ups and downs and LSU generally has more ups. I did not go there so you may take this as an unbiased opinion that I have made after working with many LSU grads
  4. by   teetyme
    Thanks Billy for your comment, anyone else?
  5. by   billyboblewis
    The year after Katrina, there were some big problems in the undergrad nursing program and 70% of the senior class failed out. After board of Nursing investigation things were put back in order. I have an acquaintance who was in that class and she completed the semester over and has been practicing without problem since then. If there is something else I can help you with you can send me an e mail a
  6. by   selu11

    Congradulations on getting into LSU's CRNA school. I am currently in nursing school at Southeastern Louisiana University. I will be graduating this december. My plan is to go back to CRNA school as soon as possible and I am interested in LSU. I have a few questions. What were you credentials (GPA, years of experience, area of work....), did you take the graduate level statistics class, and do you have any recommendation as far as making your self more appealing than another applicant?

  7. by   teetyme
    Selu 11,

    I have a 3.4 gpa, I took the MAT and got 397, I have been a RN for 9 years and a LVN for 4 years. I have my CCRN and I took the graduate statistic class online at SELU. In addition, I work in a large CVICU. I have at least 6 years of ICU experience in MICU, NeuroICU, SICU and now CVICU.

    I would say try to get into a teaching facility ICU, if possible. That is where I gained my greatest knowledge base. Try to go a step beyond just being proficient with task but understanding the whys behind the certain drugs given and the disease process.

    Good luck in your endeavors!!

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