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  1. How is everyone?

    I just had a question to throw out and try to get some feedback on. I am from Southern Mississippi and will graduate with my BSN in December of 2003. I plan to apply to CRNA school in 2005 or 2006. Now, the question...Does anyone have any information on Louisiana State University's CRNA program in New Orleans? Is there anybody here that has gone there?
    I've gotten lots of info from the web site, and one of the instructors has e-mailed me a couple of times but I want to talk to someone who knows a little about it or who has been there as a student. New Orleans is only about 35 minutes from where I live, hence the reason I'm looking into LSU HSC. This is pretty much the only school I'm looking at because moving isn't an option at this time.
    I have awesome grades (4.0 as of right now) and I'm not really worried about applying and being accepted as much as I am about learning more about the school. ( I didn't mean to sound conceited there. )
    Anyway, I would just really appreciate any information that anyone might have about LSU HSC be it good or bad.

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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    If I remember correctly at one time the LSU crna school shut down right before the incoming class was supposed to begin. Do any of you know about this? A SRNA that mom works with was telling her that b\c he was one of the people who had been accepted.

  4. by   MICU RN
    The old school Brett is referring to was Charity-Xavier CRNA program. Most of the clinicals were done at Charity hospital and ythe students were awarded their graduate degrees from Xavier university. The program was one the oldest in the nation and closed b/c of problems concerning the hospital and university. LSUHSC started shortly thereafter and is under the LSU nursing school. The program is 32 months long and the tut. is 7,500 per year ( no clinicals fees that I am aware of) for state residents. They have accepted two classes with the third starting next fall 2003. Some feed back I have received from the students is that they are going to be doing clinicals at more sites than the last program. I am sure it will academicly tough; the nursing school as a whole has a very good reputation. I can attest to that since I grad. from their AD program in 1998 and plan to grad. from there RN/BSN program this fall. If anyone else has any other information I would love to hear from them.
  5. by   Kaleigh
    Does anyone know what constitutes "In State Resident"? I'm planning to go ahead and apply for my LA liscense and my husband and I are going to move to LA. I'll be there for about a year and a half......I think that for MS schools you have to live there for a year........
    Anybody know about LA?
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    Thanks for the information. I didn't think I was 100% nutty!

  7. by   AL bug
    When I was researching anesthesia programs last year, most everyone condisdered one year to be a resident. However, some schools waive the out-of-state tuition. Check and see if they offer that. I would assume if you are in the state over a yr you will have no problem.
  8. by   whipping girl in 07
    You have to live in La. for six months to be considered a state resident. However, if you move to La. for your HUSBAND's job, you can be considered a state resident immediately. I did that when we moved here for my husband's job in 1998, started nursing school at Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette (formerly USL) just a couple of months after we moved.
  9. by   frankie
    Konni - frankie here - USL- huh! Is that still the party school it used to be? Well into the 80s it was known as "go to party" by college students. Maybe the name change helped. frankie
  10. by   whipping girl in 07
    Still quite the party school, but by the time I ended up there, I'd outgrown my partying! LSU is still listed on Playboy's top 25 party school list, but they are no longer #1.

    I remember back when I was at Arkansas everyone was so excited when UA made the list.:imbar

    My parents weren't though!

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