1. Hi everyone,

    This is a little off-topic thread here, but I was wondering where everyone is? I live in Montgomery, Alabama myself. I think that it would be interesting to see where everyone is, and see how each's experiences differ based upon location. What do you all think?


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  3. by   AL bug
    from Huntville, AL--in West Virginia for CRNA school
  4. by   nrw350
    Cool, you planning on coming back to alabama after schooling?

  5. by   AL bug
  6. by   nrw350
    Thats cool. You going to work at UAB or a local hospital?
  7. by   SambvcaSim
    Hey Nick,

    I finished my BSN in Auburn University Montgomery! Just moved to Houston, Texas 1.5 years ago for the 2 CRNA programs here. I worked in Dothan during my husband's military duty. Small world....are you thinking UAB or Panama City for school....or even elsewhere for that matter? I have two friends that ventured down to Panama City for that school.

  8. by   Tiiki
    Hi, I'm from Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

  9. by   nrw350
    Actually, going to school at AUM for graphics design. I opted out of medicine entirely for various reasons (such as stress and a weak stomach). I joined allnurses here because I am still interested and fascinated by medicine. Mainly Anesthesiaology and EMS still though.


    PS: Who all did you have at AUM that you enjoyed a lot and may remember you? I would be glad to say hi for ya sometime.
  10. by   meandragonbrett
    Memphis, TN here
  11. by   Susapet
    I am from Sweden, my hometown is Kungsor.
  12. by   SambvcaSim
    Wow! Yes, If ever around the Nursing building say hello to Mona Ternus! She will get a kick out of that! She is a professor there working on her dissertation! She is superb! Tell her Pamela in Texas, says "hi".

    Thanks Nick!
  13. by   nrw350
    What about in the math department?

  14. by   bwalston
    Northeast TN, here.

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