lets talk about something else

  1. lets talk about something else.
    has anyone seen Star Wars yet. I've seen it twice. I enjoyed it. I actually fell asleep both times. not that it is boring at all. there are a few slow parts with all the lovey duvy.
    I love the theology of starwars it is very entruging to me. it actully follows strangly some of the belifes in my own religon.
    has anyone noticed that the link from the home page straight to the buliten board isn't working. and neither is my favorite link for that matter. hmmmmm..
    guess what you remember my patient I mentioned before. well I didn't tell the whole story. we got the swan in and his CO was good like 8 and so also were his PAS/PAD the resident could never really get a good wedge but we decided no worries since his other numbers were good (first mistake) hours later the doc looked at the chest x-ray and noticed that the swan was not in the right place it had gone up the brachial cephalic vien, strange since we were getting good ra and rv tracings during the insertion. so he came back and we worked on the placement until we could get a good wedge then we had totally diffrent numbers. CO =7 SVR 700 (need I say more) wedge= 11. he was dry or septic. obviously but by this point it had been all day. the intesivsist was upset at the resident for not making sure the swan was in the right place and mad at me for not making him fix the wedge. yeeesh.. I did feel kind of bad though. if only we had gotten acurate numbers from the get go we could have treated this guy. he's on the MICU unti now. I just checked his labs. ph still 7.2 and lactate of 4. and I'll bet they flogged him with fluids too. mabye a necrotic lung from the PE.
    my point is there is plenty of other stuff we can talk about ( yes I realize hypocracy) its like porn non of us really want to look at it but once we do. we are sucked in.
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Bump, No, I haven't seen star wars yet, I want to but I don't know when I'll get a chance to go.
  4. by   AL bug
    Yea, I'm ready to talk about something else too(although I don't do much talking) The SDN is wearing me out. I think I will have to supress the urge to read the "gathering of the morons" posts.
    I saw Starwars with my husband. He is a true Starwars fan and loves all the movies. I, on the other hand tolerate them. I didn't like Episode II nearly as much as Episode I. Too much cheese. (Brett, don't read the next few lines if you are one of those who doesn't want the movie to be given away.) And Yoda having to walk with a cane, then breaking bad and flipping around with Matrix moves, then has to get back to his cane...whatever. I don't want to see it again.
  5. by   nrw350
    maybe he wants to fool his oponents and catch them in their cockieness?

  6. by   g8rlimey
    Yoda kicked a$$!!! To see his mastery of the force was exceptional, especially in CGI.
  7. by   sanmon
    Are you serious? I haven't been to the movies since i started school a year ago. I probably shouldn't be fooling around on this site..I have 2 questions after reading all y'all's posts...How many schools did alan apply to?and does anyone know any shortcuts to these anesthesia careplans...
  8. by   AL bug
    sanmon, I have only been in CRNA school about a month now, so I have not done any care plans yet, but people have been recommending this book by Jaffee "Anesthesiologist's Guide to Surgical Procedures" I have looked for it on Amazon.com. I have not looked at it but supposedly it is a big help for care plans. Hope that helps.
  9. by   sanmon
    Thanks! Got it and it is helpful....I guess i am looking for more like a disease approach vs. a surgical approach. Which I often refer to co-exisitng by Stoetling. Truth is, i may be looking for a shortcut that does not exisit..thanks anyway. Good luck in school. Also, i think the guy who is applying to a million or so schools name is Matt not alan. His posts were cracking me up
  10. by   alansmith52
    I havn't sent in any apps yet offically, but I had narrowed it down to a cool 37. however I have been enlightened. I might go with 6 or 7. but to tell you the truth. my wife may not let me only apply to that many. well see.

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