Is this legit?

  1. hey all. as usual, i am way ahead of myself looking at ads for CRNA Jobs. (LOL, im still a pre-nursing student) anyway, in no way am i a good judge for CRNA positions. however i came across this one and the first thing that stuck out was the pay. (minnimum 180K) i also looked at the Job Duties, Job Information, etc. and could have been reading ancient chinese. (didn't understand any of it) but just wanted to throw it out to u guys. is this something that (later in the future) i should be looking for? you guys check it out and let me know! ttyl!

    CRNA Job Ad (is it legit?)
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  3. by   TraumaNurse
    The job you are looking at is for an independent contractor (1099 for taxes). This means NO health insurance, malpractice insurance, vacation etc. You are responsible for those expenses yourself. Most locum tenens and independent contractor jobs pay b/w $90-100/hour.
    And yes, you are getting ahead of yourself! If you are pre-nursing, maybe you should be looking at ICU jobs first. Keep your goals in mind to keep you motivated, but don't put the cart before the horse. Good luck.
  4. by   apaisRN
    I spent a lot of time in nursing school learning all about CRNAs, programs, etc. I could have better spent the time on study and gotten a better GPA than 3.4! Obviously you do need to research a career you're aiming for, but don't waste hours on the net like I did.