Is CRNA school managable?

  1. I applied last summer to start the CRNA program June 2012. Unfortunetly I received a letter stating that I was an alternate, meaning if someone drops out I could be chosen. I pretty much had written off going to that school. Well two days ago I found out that I got in. Yes I am very happy however I feel now I have less than two months to get mentally prepared.

    I am torn. Part of me wants to do this and the other part of me is saying are you crazy you like your job and your life why change? I feel that if I don't at least try I will always wonder. I mean the worst that could happen is I fail/drop out and I am back where I started right? Just am doubting myself because I didn't intially get in and haven't taken a chemistry class for 8 years and wasn't thrilled about taking it then.

    I figure the chances of me getting in again are probably slim to none considering getting in this time was hard enough.

    I know in the end it is my decision but any advice would help.
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  3. by   stanman1968
    same thing happned to me except my son was born 2 weeks before school as well, i went fortune favors the bold.
  4. by   srnahole
    i felt the same way. I had always wanted to do this, and i had all the requirements, so im like "why not apply?" , i was accepted into 2 out of 4 schools and decided to go thru with it. I was asking myself the same thing, am i really giving up my 100k salary for 2.5 years, spend my life savings, and add a 60k loan on top of that? and study my ass off for hours while being HAZED constantly?! HELL YEA!!! im 26 yrs old, no kids, no debt, everything paid off. i have no reason NOT to do it. my suggestion to you is to look @ your situation and see if it fits your life right now. I havent actually started and i start next month, but ive been slowly mentally preparing myself for wwats about to happen. there are times i ask myself "am i really gonna do this?wat if i fail?!", then i remember a quote from THE OFFICE, "you miss 100% of the shots you DON'T take".
  5. by   Eiano
    To answer your original question, it's totally manageable. Otherwise there'd be no CRNAs in the world =) I am in my 4th month and am passing all of my tests (they are weekly) and am about to start up on clinicals, (my program is a mixed front-loaded integrated program, we go to clinicals more and more as the program goes on and drop off on classes until we are only in clinicals in the end). I know I'm a "newbie" in the anesthesia schooling world but so far so good.

    I definitely am a believer in regret the things you didn't do rather than the things you did do. Follow your heart, apply again and see where you end up. Good thing is you love your job so you're not really losing out.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Sue Damones

    Just curious- where are you going to school? I start next month also.
  7. by   17innswood
    midwestern in az
  8. by   srnahole
    nyc columbia
  9. by   CABGx4
    you got a leg up on me. first, i only make 45k/hr (that's right PA sucks) i got a wife, 2 lil kids, nothings paid off! lol. i start in august and i aint never looking back!! i don't care what it takes but i am doing this damn thing
  10. by   dcw132003
    question, im still in pre-reqs for my bsn but i want to become an CRNA, after two years of ICU, do i apply? or will i need more experience?
  11. by   CABGx4
    dcw, ask around. I'm sure you'll find people who have gotten in with less than 2 yrs exp.
  12. by   smc99
    @17innswood: I go to Midwestern in AZ. I hope you accepted! CRNA school is life changing, there's no doubt about that. But if you got in, why wouldn't you go?? Good Luck to you!
  13. by   17innswood
    Just doubting my abilities, worried that I won't pass the classes, I don't know why? I accepted so no turning back now!!!
  14. by   17innswood
    @ smc99

    I did accept. Looking at the books we need. Would your recommend getting all the required books? I know that there are older editions in the library. Do you think those would work? Are there certain books you use alot and would definetly recommend on getting?